I don’t Like Today

This is a peaceful protest.

These were not.



Guess which one the cops responded to with horses, gas, and violence.

Bad day to say the least: I went into this day with love and light. I came out somewhere between Beth Dutton and Ruth from Ozark.

Sad Good-Bye: Singer Jane Marczewski has passed away at 31 after a long battle with cancer. Maczewski, who performed under the stage name Nightbirde on AGT, became a social media sensation after competing on the talent show’s 16th season. Nightbirde’s death comes as a shock to fans after the singer shared an inspirational photo last December saying it was a “miracle” to even be alive. She had been battling “C” for some time. And I mean battling. I saw her performance that night, she was wonderful. Her talent, her voice, and her courage will be missed. There is a new voice at the Table of Heros.

Freakin’ stupid: Progressive Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is set to deliver a response for the Working Families Party after President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday.“It’s an honor to deliver the Working Families Party response to President Biden’s State of the Union, and I am especially excited to elevate the voices of the working-class residents in my district and across the nation.” This is coming from a woman that calls herself a  “Palestinian” even though she was born in Detroit. What the hell would she know about “the Working Families” when she has NEVER had a real job herself. Her political career started in 2004, the same year she graduated from Law school, and 3 years before she passed the bar.

Sometimes justice works: Back in January of 2021, the dogs, Lucy, an Akita, and Odin, an American Bully, escaped out their front floor and allegedly attacked and killed a neighbor’s cat. Anne Arundel County Animal Care and Control seized the dogs and later found them ‘vicious,’ meaning they would be euthanized but numerous appeals kept them in limbo. Well, the good news is they have been cleared and returned to their family. Since there was no evidence, they had killed any cat. No evidence, no crime, no punishment. Hooray.

About time: Over the weekend the blm/antifa crowd decided to protest in an area known for being a “Gypsy Joker” location. The Gypsy Jokers are one of the “Big 7” outlaw motorcycle clubs. It did not go well for the “protesters”. With 1 dead and 5 or more wounded, the msm is calling it the “Massacre in Portland”. The blm/antifa took over a police briefing, chased the cop away, and then loudly complained the police weren’t protecting them.  They also charged the Portland PD with hiring the Gypsy Jokers to “kidnap” blm/antifa. Yeah, that’s gonna happen.

New party: We always hear about RINOs, republicans in name only, How come we don’t hear about DINOs, democrats in name only? Is there even such a thing? Does anybody really care? I didn’t think so.

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