Presidents Day-Wish We Had One

He came to us in August 2021. Just 13 months after we lost Navarre.

His name is Sitka.

He had been living in Puna when his family moved and left him behind. He had been beaten, had to chase feral chickens to eat, and had no shelter. Aloha Ilio found him and placed hm in foster care. His coat was so matted and dirty, they had to shave him from the ears back. He was skinny and very very afraid.

The foster giver brought him to our house to on a “play date” with Issabeau. They became friends and we loved him from the first. He soon felt “safe” and began to relax. He started putting on weight. He was still skittish, but our love soon won him over.

He found his special spot under the Gardenias’.

Issabeau made him her friend, and sometimes seemed his protector.

Now, at dinner time or whenever we go out with him he talks, dances, and loves getting his chin rubbed. He has put on weight, seen the vet, and had his first doggy spa day. He still has trust issues, but is willing to take a chance and let you get close.

Now he knows he’s got a home furever and is part of our family.

Welcome to the Storyteller Family Sitka.

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