It’s Frriiddaayyy.

Not this year either: They have announced three “Comedy stars” to mc the Academy Awards in March. Since I don’t find any of the three the least bit funny, and I don’t really care who Hollywood awards anything, I won’t be watching. Again.

Polls show exactly what the person paying for the poll wants it to show.

Yes, I’ll be trying it: The discarded materials from grapes used to make white wine soon could become a new “superfood” — and be used in a chocolate that debuted last week.   A group of scientists and entrepreneurs are aiming to transform Chardonnay marc, the discarded grape skins, seeds and stems left over from winemaking, into an “upcyled” superfood rich in nutrients that some researchers say improves gut, cardiovascular and brain health. Such “upcycling” also would be good news for the environment, since the remains of grapes pressed for winemaking equate to 10 billion pounds of waste a year globally. The chocolate debuted last week at this city’s Winter Fancy Food Show.  Chardonnay marc also contains oligosaccharides, which are carbohydrates that are composed of at least three to 10 simple sugars. They serve as probiotics and serve as prebiotics to feed the good bacteria in the gut — and there may be even more of them than those found in human milk, according to researchers at the University of California Davis. Not too sure what that last part means, they had me at “chocolate”.

Not a good decision: Families of victims killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting have reached an agreement to settle a lawsuit against the company that made the murder weapon, for $73 million. They sued the manufacturer, Remington, for somebody misusing their product. How soon before they can sue the distiller for the DUI crash? Or the car builder for the speeding death? These things are the result of somebody misusing a product. This settlement was with the INSURANCE Company’s, not Remington. Still, this settlement sets a precedent that will open floodgates. Since this was a “settlement” there is no “liability” acknowledged or implied, but these things always start shat.

I said it once: Wow, all the “new” information about “Russagate”, and Shrilary’s stinky dossier. News flash: There was some “wrong” doing over 5 years ago! Ha Ha Ha. I said it before, “Nobody with ever do a day.”

No change in gas here. Still 1 cent shy $5.00 a gallon. What are you paying.

Neither did I: Did you read about the riots on Lake Street in Minneapolis this past Friday night? Evidently people illegally barricading the road, graffitiing local business and terrorizing people on the street isn’t even worth reporting in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Actually, it wasn’t even worth the MPD responding. Has law and order been so soundly surrendered that such dangerous disorder does not warrant any response from police nor the attention of the mayor? It’s so accepted, Mayor Jacob Frey doesn’t even comment.

RE: Canadian Trucker convoy: The most dangerous stage of tyranny is when the fraud is exposed and the tyrants begin to sense that they may be held accountable. The cornered rat bites the hardest. (Julius Ruechel)

 Hilo this weekend. Music, beer, and Lady Julie. Gonna listen to John Stewart, Jerry Jeff Walker, and maybe some Nelson and Kristofferson.Some Rolling Rock and Blantons. See you next week.

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