Tuesday Motes To Ponder

Headline: “Names of Canada truck convoy donors leaked after reported hack”. How come nobody has “leaked” the name of all the BLM donors? You know, like they have the names of the Freedom Convoy donors? Distributed Denial of Secrets announced on its website that it had 30 megabytes of donor information from Christian fundraising site GiveSendGo, including names, email addresses, ZIP codes and internet protocol addresses. Distributed Denial of Secrets, abbreviated DDoSecrets, is a non-profit whistleblower site for news leaks founded in 2018. Sometimes referred to as a successor to WikiLeaks, it is best known for its June 2020 publication of a large collection of internal police documents, known as BlueLeaks.  From what I can discover, and I can’t look real deep, they really leak conservative and “far-right” organizations. Nothing on BLM, Antifa, or any “left-wing” group. Could it be they have their own political agenda? Hmmm

And speaking of the Freedom Convoy: Two weeks of trucker protesting. No burned buildings, no looted stores, and no shots fired. Many on the left are screaming “Send in the troops. Shut’em down. Lock’em up”. I’m not even going to compare this to the “Summer of Love” in Seattle, and the “mostly peaceful” protests across the country. Wouldn’t do any good anyway.

I pay to see you act, not to listen to your politics: Ron Perlman quote: “POTUS, you heartless scumbag, are you listening to the devastation you are causing hundreds of thousands of Americans with your little Nazi ethnic cleansing stunt at the border? Are you watching how Unsafe this nation has become with your fake crisis? There is NO human lower than you.” Oh, sorry that was about President Trump. Now he says, “It’s time that every state they would elect republicans to represent them, and all of the rest of us separate. You don’t wanna live in my world and I certainly don’t want to live in yours.” Whose fake crises? Which little Nazi stunts? You wanna separate? Okay, you can have the two coasts, we’ll take the rest. Ronny, baby, you played a badazz biker, don’t get acting confused with reality.

A vague sort of irony: A gunman killed a rival after a fight at a Bronx baby shower — only to be fatally shot with his own gun by the victim’s younger brother, cops said Sunday. The two men who wound up dead were inside a party at Webster Ave. and E. 198th St in Bedford Park when they got into a fight Saturday night, police said. A deli worker said the men were attending a baby shower in a second-floor event space above his store. “They were definitely drunk off their a-s, drunk basically and started arguing,” he said. “When you’re drunk with a firearm, you don’t think straight.” One of the early rules I learned as a cop.  “If you’re going to get drunk leave it at home, if you take it with you, don’t drink.” Of course, I doubt either of these guys ever had a legal reason to carry.

Rough crowd.

I can remember the days when these would have been Harley’s. Not actual scooters.

All I can say is “W T F?”: A Texas physics teacher was chased and beaten by a group of middle school students who broke his arm in the attack, video shows. Students and social media users say the coach was jumped because he told the students they couldn’t ride dirt bikes or ATVs on school grounds. Four students involved in the attack were taken into custody and will be disciplined according to the code of conduct, district officials said in a letter to parents. It’s unclear if the juveniles will face charges for the beatdown.

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