Tuesday “Moody Blues” Motes

“Tuueeesssdday affternoooon “. (Ya gotta be a certain age to get this.)

Use the “off” switch: Hey tv and movie stars, your job is to entertain me. If you don’t, I will either turn you off, or won’t even start watching. I don’t pay to watch just to hear your political rhetoric, your “unbiased” comments, or to have you tell me how I should live my life. You don’t want to entertain me, get out of the business because I won’t buy a ticket to your movie, or buy any of your sponsors products. In fact, if I know they sponsor you, I’ll buy something else. And I think there is a lot more on “me” out there than you think.

Not happening: I wanted to go to “Jersey Boys” in September. But at $190-$465 a ticket, probably not. Actually, no way in hell. Not to see a play when I have seen the movie about a bunch of guys from New jersey. Oh hell no.

I don’t use’m, and never will: Conservative author and journalist Michelle Malkin and her husband were banned by Airbnb as “retaliation” for her engaging in free speech at a conference last November. Their e-mail; “Airbnb’s community policies prohibit people who are members of or actively associate with known hate groups,” they email continued. “Due to your promotion and participation in a known white nationalist and white supremacist conference, we have determined that we will remove your account from Airbnb.” So conservative groups are considered white nationalist and white supremacist? Like the title, don’t and never will.

The headline says;  “New Mexico State Sen. Cliff Pirtle (R) is pushing gun control in response to the October 21, 2022, shooting on the set of Rust.” What Pirtle is really pushing is a law to make   individuals handling firearms on a film set to undergo a safety course. Pirtle believes requiring the gun safety course will lessen the chances of a shooting incident like the one that occurred on the Rust set.   (You remember, where Alec Baldwin only pointed the gun, and then pulled the trigger, but it’s not his fault one person died, and another was wounded.) While I agree with your idea Senator, you can’t legislate stupid. And with people like Baldwin, you’re dealing with industrial grade stupid. But it just might save someone else.

None of the news fit to hear or read: CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo ABC, CBS, NBC have completely ignored a Johns  Hopkins study finding COVID lockdowns ineffective.  According to a Johns Hopkins University meta-analysis of several studies, lockdowns during the first COVID wave in the spring of 2020 only reduced COVID mortality by .2% in the U.S. and Europe. John Hopkins, you know, the place where the really smart doctors go. They also pointed out other unintended consequences of lockdowns, such as rising unemployment, reduced schooling, an increase in domestic violence incidents, suicides, and surging drug overdoses. So, the lockdowns not only didn’t do any good, they did do bad. Thank you .gov for destroying our economy, education, friendships, and our way of life, FOR NOTHING.

Makes no sense: Speaker Nancy Pelosi discouraged Olympic athletes from protesting at the opening ceremony in Beijing on Thursday, saying that it wasn’t worth the risk of reprisal from a “ruthless” Chinese government. For some reason Nasty Nan felt she had to come out and warn the U.S. athletes about angering the government of the country “hosting” the Olympics. If our athletes are in danger, why the hell are they there in the first place?

All in two pictures: This weekend I spotted 2 pictures that, to me, brought it all together. The first one was of Stacy Abrams, the perpetual candidate that has “never” lost . She was sitting in front of a room full of tenderage children, who like everyone else around Abrams, are just props and background. Here is a large room of full of masked children, in a city that “requires” masks whenever indoors, and she is not wearing a mask. Hell, she don’t even have one hanging around her neck. The second picture is of King Barry the 1st inspecting his new palatal estate, on Oahu, surrounded by workers. Barry has a very stern look on his face, you can tell it’s stern because, unlike everyone else in the picture, he wasn’t wearing a face mask nor a hard hat. Everyone else in the picture was. What does this show me? It’s all about control, not health. If they really believed it was about health, you know they’d be complying. But they don’t. So they don’t.

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