Monday Motes To Ponder

Holy Freakin’  Crap : Effective last Monday, a new rule from Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan bans unvaxxed parents from seeing their own sick kids in the hospital. The move is part of McGowan’s repeated vow to make the lives of the unjabbed “very hard” in an attempt to strongarm those subjects into getting the shots. His plan to make the unvaxxed population’s lives “get very difficult” also includes — once a vaccine passport system is finalized — barring citizens from sporting events, concerts, restaurants, bars, gyms, and more, as well as preventing them from being “able to work in a whole range of industries,” the premier said in January. He is the  W.A. Premier, he thinks he’s “the King”. I predict this will not end well. Hopefully, it won’t take loss of life to get straightened.

They don’t have to take responsibility: An illegal immigrant accused of killing a Texas teenager in a hit-and-run car crash will be spared deportation under the Biden administration’s new rules governing who should be removed from the country. He was driving drunk, the crash ejected the 19 y-o victim out of her car where she died on the scene, and then he tried to flee. On Sept. 30, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas issued a memo that outlined a dramatic shift in U.S. immigration enforcement policy. No longer would being in the country illegally be a sufficient cause for that individual’s deportation, nor would simply committing a crime. So, he gets to stay. I’d really like to see Secretary Mayorkas explain this to the parent(s) of that girl. No really, I would. Especially since the Mom claims, she voted for Uncle Joe. Ouch.

Ashli Babbitt was murdered. You will not change my mind.

Too little: The Pentagon announced Wednesday Joe Biden has ordered 3,000 U.S. troops to be deployed to Eastern Europe to send a message to Russia. How many deaths will it take to deliver that message? Russia has a reported 120k troops, armored equipment, and aircraft. If this kicks off, how many deaths will it take to deliver the message?

Winter “Olympics”: Nope.

Rules for thee, not for me: Capitol Police claim Jan 6 e-mails and videos are not public records, assert “sovereign immunity” to Judicial Watch suit.” Judicial Watch has challenged an attempt by the U.S. Capitol Police to block the conservative watchdog group’s lawsuit to obtain videos and emails from the Jan. 6 riot. Congress, through its police department, has asserted that the requested videos and emails are not public records and that there is no public interest in their release. Congress is exempted from the Freedom of Information Act. So, the Capitol Police are now “Congress”. And I would argue that there is plenty of public interest in this information. The real question, What Are They Trying To Hide?

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