Rambling Thursday Motes

None of the above wins: Ahead of what turned out to be a long and drawn-out presidential election in Italy last week, the country’s incumbent Sergio Mattarella, at 80 years old, had set his eyes on retirement, but after six days of inconclusive voting, however, and with little consensus or compromise among 1,009 Italian lawmakers and regional representatives over who should take over the role, Mattarella was convinced to stay on. In other words, he was re-elected, and he wasn’t running. It is a largely ceremonial position, but he was re-elected to a 7 year term. I guess it’s a matter of “the devil you know” and the you don’t.

The Washington Post ; whose motto “Democracy Dies In Darkness” flies under the masthead, has all its articles behind a paywall. You have to subscribe to read the articles. Ironic isn’t it.

This I did not know: Presently wrestling in the AEW stable is a rather small young man called “Jungle Boy”. At 5-10 and under 200 pounds this makes him very small on the pro-scene. He is very athletic, does a lot of high flying. His real name is Jack Perry (24) and he is the son of well-known actor, the late Luke Perry. It appears that Dad Luke was a long time pro-rasslin’ fan and would have been very supportive in Jack’s work. Hey, it is kind of acting/storytelling.

Easy pickings: The National Weather Service Miami-South Florida warned the public on Sunday that immobilized iguanas could fall out of trees due to unusually cold temperatures across the region. In one video by a resident in Hollywood, Florida, a number of iguanas could be seen lying immobile on the ground. Maybe it’s time to start my “Iguana On A Stick” franchise.

Nobody saw nuttin’: ‘Culture of no snitching needs to stop:’ “Beloit (WI) police frustrated with lack of cooperation in fatal shooting investigation.”  A 19-year-old man was shot and killed at Beloit Memorial High School, officials said Sunday. Police said he was shot Saturday in the parking lot following a basketball game. He was taken to a local hospital where he later died. Chief of Police Andre Sayles said at least 30 people were near the scene of the shooting when it occurred. Sayles is asking those people to come forward with information.

Headline: PJ Media; Study: Weed Makes You Stupid. Well, duh.

We are second class citizens: The Second Amendment Foundation today filed a lawsuit in San Diego County Superior Court against California Attorney General Rob Bonta, challenging the constitutionality of a recently enacted section of the state Penal Code requiring the state Department of Justice to share private information on millions of gun owners in the state, with the California Firearm Violence Research Center and others. Sharing this information would effectively place a target on the back and on the home of every firearm owner in the state. I always caution people to NOT put firearm company decals, bumper stickers, and such on their vehicle. I once solved a large number of residential burglary’s when I noticed three of my victims had just bought handgun ammunition. In the 70’s you had to fill out a federal form to purchase ammo, and the thieves would copy down the address’ of buyers off the ledger. Then go rob them. Be aware. Be safe.

OMFG, please no: Not even the legend of Robin Hood is safe from the woke entertainment industry, which is re-inventing the English folk hero as a woman of color — or “Robyn Hood.” Robyn Hood will reportedly tell the story of Robyn Loxley, the leader of a masked hip-hop band, The Hood, from Sherwood Towers, a complex of high-rise projects in the working-class neighborhood of New Nottingham. The band robs from the rich and gives to poor, presumably meting out social justice and equity in the process. Oh please gods, please make it stop.

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