Holy Crap It’s Only Wednesday Motes

The Queen is so proud, citizens not so much: The Canadian Province of Quebec has officially banned unvaccinated individuals over 12 years old from shopping at big box stores, including Walmart and Costco, unless they are accompanied by a “health warden” that will supervise their every move and only allow them to purchase extremely limited goods such as food or medicine. The oppressive measures kicked in on Jan 24th, and Walmart happily obliged – placing signs up across every one of its stores. Quebec’s vaccine passport system was originally billed as crucial in order to save lives. Isn’t that always their claim. And all this while the PM hides from the country-wide convoy of truckers that want to talk. Of course, it’s not called hiding, the official story is he is isolating due to Covid exposure.  That was on Friday, on Monday he announced he, his wife and three kids are all positive. And yes, they’ve all been vaccinated, and boosted Trudeau warned Canadians this month to “hunker down” for winter. It’s going to be along winter.

Harsh, but effective: Last Thursday Oklahoma executed 46-year-old Donald Grant on Thursday, killing a man who struggled with severe mental illness and brain damage. No, Grant was executed as punishment for killing Brenda McElyea and Suzette Smith, employees at a La Quinta Inn, during a 2001 robbery to get money to bail his girlfriend out of jail. Okay, he grew up poor, abused, was addicted to drugs, and had what is called, euphemistically, a troubled childhood. He still knew the difference between right and wrong. Capital punishment doesn’t prevent crimes ? He won’t rob and kill helpless young women anymore.  

Chicago weekend; 56 shot, 6 dead. Guess their gun control isn’t working so well.

Comments from a non-relevant, never was, ex-star: Howard Stern wants Meat Loaf’s family to speak out about COVID-19 vaccines as he believes the late singer got sucked into a “cult.” Stern then goes on about how the family should tell everyone how Meat Loaf (Marvin Aday) was sorry he didn’t take the vaxx and wished everyone would. Except that never happened.  Meat Loaf was adamant about his stance, “I’d rather die a free man than take that vaccine.” He added, “If I die, I die, but I’m not going to be controlled.” Howie, just because your “suck-up” requires everyone to conform, it don’t mean it’s gonna happen. I applaud Meat Loaf’s attitude and the courage of his family. Like I said, the Table of Hero’s has a new Troubadour.

The most dangerous profession: Right now it seems like that would be a Mexican Journalist. There have been 4 murdered, this year.

Times they are a’ changing: While driving in Hilo this weekend, I see long lines at all the Covid tesating sites. Lines like you used to see at Black Friday sales, and sometimes for really good movies. Now, you see 60-80 people standing in line for testing. Remember the old days when people who went to the doctor and didn’t have any symptoms were called “hypochondriacs”?

hy·po·chon·dri·ac /ˌhīpəˈkändrēˌak/ noun; plural noun: hypochondriacs; a person who is abnormally anxious about their health.  Covid has turned the whole flock into hypochondriacs

Gas in Honolulu 2/1/22. What are you paying?

It’s never to late to sling mud: Clarence Thomas, the hardline conservative supreme court justice, is facing calls for his recusal in the case over race-based affirmative action in college admissions that the court heard last week. The case is the latest potential conflict of interest involving Thomas and his wife Virginia Thomas. Ginni, as she is known, is a prominent rightwing activist who speaks out on a raft of issues that frequently come before the nation’s highest court.  By her own admission, she has “battled for conservative principles in Washington” for over 35 years. Thomas, who is the longest-serving of the justices has been on the Court since 1991, 30+ years. Like the title, it’s never too late to start slinging mud. Just ask the msm.

Headline : “Sean Penn Says”, who am I kidding. Nobody gives a crap what he has to say.

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