Motes To Tuesday On

They’re supposed to teach, not indoctrinate: A California mother is taking legal action against the Spreckels Union School District (SUSD), claiming that two LGBTQ activist teachers “secretly manipulated” her 11-year-old daughter “into believing she was a transgender boy and gave tips on how to bind her breasts.” Konen also claimed that, without her knowledge, school officials then created a “gender support plan” for her daughter. Konen claimed two years ago that the two teachers indoctrinated her daughter into identifying as “trans fluid” after encouraging her to join their lunchtime LGBTQ group they were calling the “Equality Club”. “Equality” in this case is like “The Peoples” anything. This is the only “Trans Fluid” kids should know about.

Missing the target: The politically correct attacks continued this week when a Seattle-area school district voted to remove the acclaimed novel To Kill a Mockingbird from its 9th grade reading curriculum over complaints of racial insensitivity. Excuse me, it’s been a few years since I read this classic, but isn’t that the point of the whole freakin’ book?

Sad Good-Bye; Sad to hear the passing of Stan Cook, 81. Stan was a Honolulu police officer that, in 1994, survived a traffic-stop assault that saw him hit 8 times by shots from an AK-47. The driver/assailant did not survive the confrontation. I never had the chance to work with Officer Cook, but everything I did hear was good. There is another seat at the Table of Hero’s tonght.

 It is thick in this one: Deputy National Security Advisor Jonathan Finer went on with CNN on Tuesday and explained how Americans need to care about Ukraine because “borders should be inviolate …sovereignty should be respected.” What? Why should we be ready to go to war over Ukraine’s border, and not ours? Everybody sees the irony in this, right?

 They do feel: The world’s oldest male gorilla died Tuesday within days of his long-term primate partner at Zoo Atlanta. Ozzie, a 61-year-old western lowland silverback gorilla who weighed 350 pounds, was discovered dead by his care team Tuesday, according to the zoo. Ozzie had stopped eating after his habitat-mate of over 15 years, Choomba, was euthanized due to her failing health. Ozzie has fathered and grandfathered more than 20 children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. He is survived by at least seven who still reside at Zoo Atlanta. Just days after his mate passes. You can’t tell me animals don’t have feelings.

Coulda guessed this one: The Biden administration decided to send all Americans free COVID-19 tests to address the omicron surge. So far, the ordered tests are getting delivered unless you live in an apartment, or living in colder parts of the country since he COVID tests are not supposed to be stored in temperatures under 36° F. But the biggest thing, the “iHealth” tests are “Made In China”. There you go, make the problem, then offer to solve it. That way you get paid on both ends.

Another Sad Good-Bye: Howard Hesseman,81. You probably remember “Dr. Johnny Fever” on “WKRP in Cincinnati”. Also “Head of the Class”, “One Day At A Time”, but my first memory is his appearance in the old cult classic “Billy Jack”. He was a hippie commune street performer. His talent and ability to make us laugh will surely be missed.

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