Motes for 1/7th of Your Life, A Monday

Information not seen in the msm: During a panel discussion in the U.S. Senate last Monday, attorney Thomas Renz, a member of the “America’s Frontline Doctor’s” legal team, revealed several alarming vaccine safety signals that the Government and the msm have ignored. The information was provided by military doctors who have access to data that has been withheld from the general public. What data? How about miscarriages and diagnosed Cancers are up 300%. Neurological problems are up 1000%, in the past year. Stop and think, these are “military doctors” so their patients are service members and their families. And all are “mandated” to be vaxxd. Look for the common denominator.

New movie I won’t be watching: The reason I won’t be watching “Blacklight” is its anti-gun, gun wielding hypocrite star Liam Neeson. In “Blacklight”, Neeson plays a troubled, off-the-books fixer for the FBI who is tasked with pulling undercover agents out of dangerous situations. Neeson is always going on about too many guns in America and in the hands of Americans. But he has no trouble taking millions for making movies that are little more than one long shootout. And he isn’t that good an actor, imho. Hypocrite, plain and simple.

Chipping away, a chip at a time: After being dunned by the left and their lap dog media, Justice Stephen Breyer has decided to step down from the Supreme Court at the end of the current term, according to people familiar with his thinking. Beyer is one of the three remaining liberal justices, and his decision to retire after more than 27 years on the court allows President Joe Biden to appoint a successor who could serve for decades and, in the short term, maintain the current 6-3 split between conservative and liberal justices.

Sorry, don’t agree: More than 230,000 people have signed a petition calling for the release of two Texas brothers and a friend, who were arrested for killing their stepfather after he was accused of sexually abusing their 9 y-o sister. Quintanilla, who had an arrest warrant for sexually abusing another child. The petition says in part,” “We ask that the state of Texas to release these teenagers, who could possibly spend the rest of their life in prison for protecting their sister,” No, they were not “protecting” their sister, they were avenging her. If they had killed him in the first confrontation I might be inclined to agree. However, they broke contact, picked up another person, found the “step-father” walking alone on the road, where they attacked him using deadly objects ie: brass knuckles. This shows intent. Sorry, they murdered a someone. Someone who deserved it, I agree, but it was still wrong.

Global warming is going to kill the planet: Last week a severe snowstorm blanketed parts of Greece and Turkey, causing chaos on the streets of major cities and forcing the evacuation of thousands of people. Storm Elpida swept across Greece on Monday, covering Athens with heavy snow, which rarely falls in the Greek capital but has now occurred in a second consecutive year. Monday’s storm also triggered a rare ‘snownado,’ a tornado-like funnel traveling over a snow-covered landscape, after a waterspout moved onshore, swirling snow around the base of the twister. The planet is in peril just ask Leo DiCaprio, oh wait, he’s aboard his $150m yacht so we’ll ask him later. Oh, he’s using one of his private jets to go someplace after that. Oh well.

Can anyone explain this to me? Anyone? Please?

Another politician lied: On last Tuesday House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Tuesday that she plans to run for reelection. Remember she had promised in 2018 that this term would be her last as “Speaker”. Personally, if she is reelected, I cannot see her giving up any of the “power” she wields as speaker. People like her are addicted to that power. She’ll never give it up.

The best candidate: Following the first round of voting for a new president of Italy, the majority of those eligible to vote cast blank ballots. Of the nearly 1,000 elected officials eligible to vote in the presidential election, which includes members of the chamber of deputies, the Italian senate and regional politicians, 672 placed blank votes. I guess that would be a “none of the above” vote.

Weekend music; Well of course MeatLoaf, Warren Zevon, Kinky Friedman, and some Doug “Ragin’ Cajun” Kershaw just for grins

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