Sunday Rant

Recently the fbi, dea, dhs, and some of the other alphabet law enforcers have been making arrests, and headlines, where the undercover outnumber the involved. An old biker saying is; If there are more than 3 people, at least 1 of them is an informant.

The problem is “How do you know?”  

There are some “tells”. You have a “group” and someone suggests a group photo. You receive texts or e-mails asking for very specific items or answers.  They are always early or exactly on time for any “meets”. If the new guy at the meeting starts asking when the bomb-throwing starts. Likewise, the guy that’s terribly keen on your campaign, but you cannot quite explain why they are involved. Beware the person that appears to be excessively helpful, offering to take people to protests and take them home afterwards? Or the new gut that offers to keep “the minutes”. If you stop and think for more than 30 seconds, you can see how all these things, and many, many more, indicate a possible “undercover” somebody.

And please, do not believe it is a well-known federal law that if you ask a person if they are a law enforcement officer, they have to answer in the affirmative. The only time they are required to tell the truth, is in court, under oath. They can lie all they want until then. And they will. I did.

Vet everyone, as completely as you can. Many records are “public’ knowledge and accessible. Look at them. Don’t just accept someone’s story at face value. Check their background. Until you do, don’t discuss “stuff” with them. No matter how nice them seem, and no matter how many times they ask.

Probably the best thing, don’t do the type of things that would cause someone to send undercover leo’s to take an interest in you and your friends. Stay aware. Stay safe.


Breaker 1-9 Breaker 1-9

The Canadian Trucker Convoy is due to arrive in Quebec today. It has been reported the line of trucks is 45 miles long and takes over 2 hours to pass a single point. The Canada PM,  Justin Trudeau, has claimed he was exposed to Covid and is in “isolation”. The common thought is he will try to hide until the truckers can’t stay any longer and leave. This is all over Covid vaccine mandates that require unvaccinated Canadian truckers to quarantine. The truckers chose Benjamin Dichter to be the spokesman for Freedom Convoy 2022.  The truckers chose wisely because Dichter could not be a better spokesman. This will be a fascinating thing to watch unfold. But I fear too many American will be too busy watching football to realize how important this Convoy will be.

10-4 Good Buddies. Keep the rubber side down and the shinny side up. Roll On.

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