Friday Motes To Boogey

Psyco Roommates, we’ve all had one: A Minnesota man charged with killing his roommate’s emotional support ferrets told police that he shot the caged animals with a BB gun because they “smell like shit” and claimed that one of the ferrets was laughing at him, according to a court records. When cops located the suspect reportedly declared, “Dude, I killed the ferrets, give me a break.” The suspect said he used a BB gun to kill the animals “cause they smell like shit.” Referring to one of the ferrets, he said that “the big one was hard to kill” and “I swear the thing was laughing and breathing, laughing and breathing and I just kept shooting it in the fucking head.” Reminds me of the night I heard officers dispatched to a “violent domestic”, at my apartment. I was working a patrol beat on the other side of the district at the time. Yep, roommate and his girlfriend. Or should I say my “ex”-roommate?

Can dish it but can’t take it: Laura Ingram is getting heat for doing her impression of SNL’s Kate McKinnon doing her impression of Laura Ingram. Anybody remember when SNL was funny? Me neither.

I didn’t know: In 1977 Meat Loaf came out with his “every teenage boy’s dream” song, “Paradise By The Dashboard Light”. His duet partner was a young rocker named Ellen Foley. Her spin on the girls’ view, and her voice, was incredible.  Five years later she would become Public Defender “Billy Young” on, one of my very favorites, “Night Court” opposite Harry Anderson as “Judge Harry Stone”.  Hey, what if Harry had been infatuated with Meatloaf instead of Mel Torme? That could have made for some real antics. Can you imagine “Bull” dancing down the hall to “Bat Out Of Hell”. Wow.

Things I’m going to hell for thinking: Headline; “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” is getting a live-action remake, but Emmy winning actor Peter Dinklage isn’t sure it should.” My first thought was, ”Well, we know who should play Grumpy”. Yep, going to hell.

Same thing: MSNBC host Tiffany Cross on “The Cross Connection” Jan 22, said that liberals need to “pick up a weapon” and fight against Republicans in a war for democracy. Cross added that there absolutely is a war on democracy, and liberals and progressives need to suit up and pick a weapon for the forthcoming fight.   And last May, she declared it was “time to burn it all down”. In 2011, the Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin’s campaign included a visual of several congressional district with “crosshairs” imposed over the areas. Jared Lee Loughner shot Rep. Gabby Giffords in the head during a Jan. 8, 2011, constituent event, then opened fire on the people lined up to meet her there — injuring 14 and killing six.  MSM news reports claimed that Giffords was one of 20 Democrats “targeted” in that visual by Sarah Palin’s political action committee in March 2010. This charge may have done huge damage to the Palin campaign by claiming this visual “caused” the shooting. So if there are republican shootings will Cross be blamed, or given a pass like Bernie was in the Steve Scalise (R-La.) baseball shooting?

He now knows he’s got a furever home.

Finally: Weds night I read a quote by Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono commenting on the selection of a new Supreme Court Judge and how she hoped the new judge would consider the consequences of future court rulings and not just on the law. Huh? Isn’t the SC’s only job to interpret the law? And that’s it? Funny, the next day I could not find a single source or comment. Finally, Crazy Mazie has said something so stupid even the msm won’t cover it.

In Hilo this weekend. Hope I get pork chops for supper, I’m going to have lot’s of MeatLoaf during the day. 🙂

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