Monday Motes, Actually

Sad Good-Bye: Sorry to hear of the passing of  Yvette Mimieux at the age of 80. Mimieux was a prolific actress in the 60’s. She played Dean Martin’s child bride in the 1963 pic “Toys in the Attic”, opposite Rod Taylor in the 1960 George Pal-directed film version of the H.G. Wells novel “The Time Machine” “, and “Where The Boys Are”. She also did television and in two episodes of the Richard Chamberlain series “Dr. Kildare” she played a surfer who was dealing with epilepsy. Mimieux had the distinction of being the first person on American television to show her navel. Mimieux was a woman of varied interests who, in addition to writing, started a business selling Haitian products, traveling, studying archaeology and selling real estate after she retired from acting.  My favorite Mimieux movie was the Congo/Merc flic “Dark of the Sun” with Rod Taylor and Jim Brown. Her talent and incredible beauty will be missed.

Correction: It’s wasn’t just “2 Democrat” politicians stopping Bidens crappy voting bill. It was 52 Democrat and Republican politicians stopping his take-over bid. Get it right msm.

I don’t agree, but I agree: Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) on Tuesday called on the National Basketball Association to force Golden State Warriors part-owner Chamath Palihapitiya to sell his stake in the team after he claimed “nobody cares” about Communist China’s genocide of the Uyghurs in the country’s Xinjiang region. Okay, I agree that what he had to say is reprehensible and disgusting. And the US Constitution allows him the right to say it. The Constitution does not say you can be stripped of ownership of something you have paid for, because you say something reprehensible and disgusting. In the past, the NBA has investigated owners and forced a sale after outrageous comments. The difference here is Palihapitiya is also a major donor to the Democrat Party. He donated over $1 million to Democrats in the previous election cycle, including a $250,000 check to the Biden Victory Fund. It will be forgiven, buried, and forgotten.

Say whhaattt: What sort of identification do you need to fly from a U.S. airport? According to TSA there are 16 forms of ID you can use to board an airplane. And, if you’re an illegal alien and can’t manufacture your own ID or buy it, you can use your government-issued arrest warrant. It must be comforting to illegal aliens to know that getting arrested won’t keep them from flying the friendly skies. I’ll bet I show up with a warrant to prove who I am, I’m getting arrested.  Are we supposed to bend over backward in allowing illegal aliens to travel because it might hurt their feelings if we were to require them to have the same identification as legal residents and citizens? Why don’t we ask the members of that Texas Synagogue how them feel about this? Hey, can I use my warrants to vote? Oh, that’s right, I don ‘t need id to vote.

Verbum non acta*: Once again the Hawaii Legislature has begun its session.  The Speaker of the House has said this year’s theme will be “economic justice, cultural justice, and environmental justice”. I read the entire article, ¼ page 3 columns of newsprint, and nowhere did I read any description of the “justice” these things needed. Words, just words. As always. (*Words, not actions)

Heeeyyy: Whatever happened to the “Biden Diary”? Just sorta disappeared didn’t it?

Yeah, that’ll make a difference: In an open letter published on last Wednesday, 102 millionaires called for a complete overhaul of the international tax system, which they said is unfair and has created a “colossal lack of trust between the people of the world and the elites who are the architects of this system.” This is all well and good, until you realize there are 56.1 million millionaires. Really doesn’t mean much, does it.

I hate it when I have been on a medication for say 9 years, finally found the brand that works best, and suddenly my “medical insurance” decides they “no longer cover that medication”. W T F ????

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