MIddle Motes of the Week

Not news, at least not the on msm: Why isn’t this all over the news? The Biden administration has built a concrete security wall around the White House last week. It is not clear yet why they believe the construction of the concrete wall is necessary. Meanwhile, the US Border is completely wide open. Illegal immigrants are flooding into the country at record levels. And they told us that “walls don’t work”. And yet, there is very little to nothing on the msm about this.

 Thoughts I’ll go to hell for thinking: Headline: “I Suddenly Started Losing My Vision at 29”.  My first thought (I never saw it coming.)

This does not make them the best, just woke: A female captain who may become the Air Force’s first woman to complete its special tactics training raised concerns about the program’s shifting standards as early as April 2021, Air Force Times has learned. Multiple documents obtained by Air Force Times — including performance forms, score charts and a report the woman authored shortly after dropping out of a land navigation event — illustrate how she was allowed to return to training after she quit, and how physical training metrics were lowered just as she arrived at the challenging schoolhouse. How would you like to follow a team leader, that quit the course, “allowed” to return, and now wants you to “Follow Me”? Hummmm, No.

Wishful thinking: Wouldn’t be a good idea to have everything in a bill, related to the actual bill? Instead of doing things like having a NASA funding bill that includes “opening voting” to “more people”. You know, mail-in-fraud votes. What the freakin’ hell does that have to do with funding NASA? It’s an end run. Like attaching a special funding for a favorite group to a “School Milk” bill. Nobody wants to vote against school milk. So, they get “their” stuff passed even tho’ it has nothing to do with School Milk. End Runs. Or, lies if you want to get real.     

Do you watch Guttfeld? You should.

Not really: Whoopi Goldberg took aim at NBC’s Craig Melvin for his “insulting” questions posed to Vice President Kamala Harris about the 2024 election. In an interview for NBC’s Today Show, Harris was asked by Melvin whether she’ll be President Joe Biden’s running mate in 2024. “Are we going to see the same Democratic ticket in 2024?” he asked her. Whoopi, bubby, how is that “insulting”? Could you please explain how a reporter asking a politician a question about future campaigns is insulting? It’s only insulting because you have nothing else to do. You can’t defend the V-P’s action, or lack thereof, so attack, attack, attack.

Hey, how come people are losing their jobs, forced into “long term leave without pay” but there is no vaxx mandate for “welfare” recipients?

Re; Texas Hostage Taker : “The British national killed by the FBI after taking four people hostage at a Texas synagogue Saturday was known to UK security services and had been the subject of a brief investigation in 2020.” Once again the suspect in a deadly incident is “known” to law enforcement. Again.

Joyous Wolf Moon to all.

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