Sunday Rant

The current attitudes of “duly elected” prosecutors is beyond puzzling.

First are the “no bail” decisions. Bail is to ensure those charged with criminal acts return to the court jurisdiction at the required time. With no bail, there is little to no incentive from the accused to show to answer their charges. Especially those charged with serious felonies. So they don’t show up. The number of outstanding warrants, is staggering. The news is saturated with stories of accused criminals committing numerous serious crimes (rape, assault, weapons use, kidnapping) AFTER being released with no bail.

Then there is the “shorter or no prison time”. That just puts them on the street sooner. “Long prison terms don’t accomplish anything.” Yes, they do. A long prison term means that the convicted person is not committing crimes for the years he’s locked up. He may consider this before continuing a “life of crime”. That is good.

Then we must “rehabilitate” prisoners and improve their “job” skills. I don’t want the con-man getting his law degree while in prison. I don’t want the burglar becoming a plumber’s apprentice while in prison. They want it that bad, go to training after you get out. Or better yet, do it instead of committing the crime and going to prison. Prison is not supposed to be a rehab or a training school, or a taxpayer paid college education. Prison is supposed to be punishment for crimes for which the incarcerated has charged and convicted.

And finally, the “capital punishment is not a deterrent” argument. We don’t know that it isn’t. The only people asked, were one’s already convicted. They are the ones saying the idea of a death penalty didn’t stop them. We can’t ask people; “Did knowing there was a death penalty stop you from killing someone?” My thought is, if convicted and executed, the criminal won’t do it again. That’s a good thing.

Narrow view, yep. Prove me wrong. Doubtful.

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