Thursday Motes, Friday Is Close

Saw this coming: The IRS said Monday it would start accepting 2021 federal tax returns on Monday, January 24. They also announced that “Refunds” will be delayed. Maybe because the country is broke? But just try and delay your “fair share”. They’ll be on your doorstep the next day. Especially if Uncle Joe gets to hire his 87,000 additional IRS “investigators”.

“Don’t do stupid things”: According to his wife, James Williams, a 46-year-old father of five from Canton, Ohio, was firing celebratory gunshots into the air shortly after midnight New Year’s Day when his life abruptly came to an end. Marquetta Williams said she was standing only a foot or two away from her husband when he was struck by the police gunfire while shooting an AR-15. He was rushed to a nearby hospital with multiple gunshot wounds but died shortly after he arrived. The wife is claiming the shooting off un-aimed rounds is something of a holiday tradition in the neighborhood. There appears to be some evidence the police acted out of policy, but it also appears Williams stepped in and out of the house twice to spray gunfire into the air.  I wonder what the wife would say to the family of a toddler struck by one of those falling bullets her husband fired for “neighborhood tradition.”

Police Officer, and Mother, Ella French begged for her life. He killed her just because he could.

I’m sure the protests will start any day now. Any day.

Getting’ worse: I’ve made a number of comments regarding the COVID situation in Australia with camps, arrests and violence. Well, Austrian police are to considerably ramp up checks regarding COVID restrictions. The crackdown will even go as far as deploying plainclothes police to the streets to catch out those who might attempt to go about their daily business while avoiding officers. While authorities in the country have already reportedly done 1.6 million checks since the start of the nation’s “Corona Apartheid ‘lockdown of unvaccinated individuals, Austria’s Interior Minister Gerhard Karner has said they will be ramped up even further. One such measure includes the checking of every person entering most shops for proof of vaccination or recovery in order to prevent those without COVID papers from accessing retail services. You vill show your papers, ya.

This needs to be faced, discussed, and solved: Nearly twice as many members of the U.S. military died of suicide over three months this year (July-Sept) than have died of covid during the entire pandemic, new Pentagon suicide report for Q3 shows. According to data released by the Pentagon, 163 service members committed suicide in Q3 of 2021 which broke down into 70 active service members, 56 reserve members, and 37 members of the National Guard. Add to that, 20 veterans  take their own lives, every day. Currently the military is heavily invested in blathering about equity, climate change, and dealing with major extremism within the ranks. Dear Woke command staff, do you know what would be extreme? Pulling your heads out of your ass and realizing that YOU have been the ones driving military morale into the gutter these past years.

This is not a drill. Repeat. This is not a drill.

Hawaii joke.

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