Friday Motes For Goodness Sake

Goodness has nothing to do with it: What has happened to common courtesy, respect, and civility? We can’t blame everything on covid, but it would certainly appear to have exacerbated the problem. People today are attacked, only not directly, but rather with insults, and threats are aimed at the children. Their home locations are “revealed” in the name of “journalistic integrity”. It’s okay to park your double cab, duel-tired truck on the sidewalk, because you’re only in the bar for a little while.  Male swimmers decide to come out as trans and still compete. People complain that someone isn’t doing their job because they’re working from a hospital while their spouse is in cancer treatment. And the complainers are aware of that. How about the woman sitting at the bar, having a video chat, dropping “f” bombs and “mothertuckers” at the top of her voice?The list goes on and on and on. What the F happened to civility and common courtsey? Just asking.

A good view: No, not that “View”, a movie view. Watched the 2001 “Brotherhood of the Wolf.” Would you believe a “renaissance”, were-wolf, gratuitous sex, martial art movie? The only actors name I recognized was martial artist Mark Dacascos. It is a long 2+ hr movie, wonderful visual, incredible imagery, bold brave heroes and scummy villains. Yep, just about the perfect Saturday afternoon beer and Cheetos movie. Oh, and it also has boobs and battles. Yea!

Okay for me, but not thee: A powerful Illinois state senator called her husband a “hero” for defending her with a concealed carry firearm during a carjacking.  Too bad for her that she voted against allowing private citizens to carry them. Senator Lightford and her husband were carjacked on the evening of December 21 last year.  At the time, many conservatives noted that she was an advocate not only of defunding the police, but also of “bail reform”. Her husband was a “hero” and she was “lucky” because she was outvoted in attempting to stop Illinois citizens from carrying concealed weapons. If it weren’t for double standards, some people wouldn’t have any.

Really: Last month the Honolulu police announced there would be extra patrols and officers working over the holidays to enforce the fireworks regulations. You know, no big one, no ariels, no rockets and so on.  Well, they arrested 1 person and issued 32 citations. That’s was on 800+ 911 calls, 11 people with fireworks related injuries, and so many people parked on the freeway watching the show the ambulances had to take side streets to picked up the injured. I’d like to know how much $ was spent on overtime. I really would.

Gas 1/6/22. Same as 12/6/21 so no change in 30 days.

Lockdowns don’t work: Nearly two-thirds of Antarctica station researchers get COVID despite being fully vaccinated, passing multiple tests, quarantining, and living miles from “civilization”. They’re literally in the most remote spot a human can go to without leaving the Earth. People who go there tend to be healthier than most. They have to be. They take Vitamin D the way sorority girls take Jell-O shots. As noted, nobody gets there without some serious screening preceded by some arduous travel and followed by even more arduous travel. And still they get the Rona. But if we all get just one more jab and wear our paper masks, all will be well.

Honolulu this weekend. Tomorrow’s Saturday Story begins a 5 part story. I hope you like it.

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