Jan 6 Motes

Remember this day.

She was unarmed, and she was shot to death by a scared man who has no business wearing a badge or carrying a gun. The doj is saying it was a “good” shoot. I say it is B.S.(Bad Shoot) But watch for something to happen with this. The msm is suddenly printing stories about Babbitt’s past and some bad things she did 10-15 years ago. They are now trying to assassinate her all over again so there is something in the wind.

2020 >>2021: Michigan: Members of the Democrat Party, Detroit poll workers, supervisors, and officials allegedly intimidated, removed, and obstructed GOP and non-partisan challengers and, most importantly, refused to record their challenges. Texas:The Phase 1 Progress Report was released on Friday in the Full Forensic Audit of the November 2020 General Election. The report shows 700,000 ineligible voter registrations. Arizona:The Maricopa County full forensic Election audit report was delivered to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich 97 days ago, on September 24th and he still has not taken any action to secure elections or hold corrupt officials accountable. Wisconsin: The Wisconsin State Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections has oversight authority over the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC), an executive branch agency. Last week the State Committee on Campaigns and Elections sent Meagan Wolfe, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Elections Commission a list of demands concerning the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin. But there was no election fraud. The clearest, most transparent, election evveerrr.

Gotta love karma: A man died Sunday after jumping a subway turnstile in New York City and breaking his neck after landing on the floor, multiple sources reported.

How bad do you have to be that O.J. criticizes you and people agree? Just ask Antonio Brown.

Fireworks are illegal: On last wednesday, while driving in the pouring rain, I saw a block long line to purchase “legal” fireworks. Friday night/Saturday morning Hilo looked a lot like Hue City during the Tet offensive. The sky was lit with aerial fireworks from 9:30 pm until 1:am.

Everyone talks about the weather: The weather was so bad, in Hawaii, my Sunday flight from Hilo back to Honolulu included three canceled flights, 5 flights worth of luggage being unloaded at the same time, a taxi to the apartment and then a drive back to the airport to pick by my one suitcase for a total of 5 hours and forty-five minutes, for a 54 minutes flight.

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