First Motes Of 2022

History repeats itself: Every Chechen has come to fear the word “abduction.” Anyone who dares to speak out against Ramzan Kadyrov—the Putin-anointed leader of the Russian republic of Chechnya—dreads the heavy steps of armed men at their door. In many instances, the only “crime” committed by those taken away and detained illegally was being related to human rights defenders or critics of the regime. Abubakar Yangulbaev, a lawyer with the Committee for the Prevention of Torture, told The Daily Beast that he had been “worried sick” by Christmas He struggled to get in touch with more than 30 members of his own family. By Christmas Day, the scale of the horror had been confirmed. “My dear aunts, my uncles, my cousins disappeared; I learned from Telegram channels, that the abductors took cellphones from them.” The following morning, he was taken too. “The arms of the dictator reach everywhere; The eyes of the dictator see everything; The dictator punishes everyone.” Sounding familiar America? Beginning to be obvious? Ask those sitting in the DC jail from Jan 6.

A thing to remember; It doesn’t matter how pleasant the bathroom soap smells, don’t walk out smelling your fingers.

He wasn’t “dead” yet: An 80-year-old Italian man allegedly killed his 61-year-old wife in a jealous rage when she refused to have sex with him – after he already swallowed a Viagra pill, according to a report. Her refusal led to a major fight during which he accused her of being more interested in her boss and then allegedly stabbed her, leaving her bloodied body on the floor and then going to sleep. Maybe he was too old for her, after all she was only 61.  Oh, the wonders of modern medicine.

Sad Good-Bye: She almost made it. Betty White dies peacefully at age 99, just weeks short of 100. There are people out there that really knew her and will talk about her for hours. She was special. May the gods needed someone to make them laugh. The best thing I’ve heard is, “I’d rather end 2021 with Betty’s death; Then begin 2022 with her death”. Amen

The rules: Recently there was a lot of discussion on the Four Rules of Firearms and how old buddy Baldwin violated all of them. The recent tragic shooting of a young girl by LAPD really emphasis the 4th rule, “Know your target AND WHAT’S BEHIND IT”. This shooting shows what happens when, even with the best training and intentions, you miss. My heart goes to the family, and to the officer.

Watched “Stillwater” with Matt Damon. An entertaining, well written, and well-acted movie. A little slow for my “normal” viewing, but imho well worth the couple of hours to watch. In keeping with last weeks “Trucker” music we also watched “White Line Fever” (Jan Michael Vincent), “Black Dog” (Patrick Swayze) , and of course “Convoy”.

Music from the New Year weekend included Hiway 101, Eddie Rabbit, Kathy Mattea, Meat Loaf, and, to start the year right, John Wayne.

Thank all of you for your prayers for my Brother Dan. On Thursday Kim contacted me to say he was awake. knew who everyone was, where he was, and could acknowledge questions etc. They planned to take out the tube on Saturday and he appears to be going to make it. Thank one and all for the prayers and good thoughts. Let’s make that the start of a terrific year.

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