Happy new year to one and all. Denny and LindaLou, Gummby and Cheryl, AL and Kahele and the whole family, Zach and Meredith, Ashley Big Joe and Ms Dot, attorney Ed and family, Erica, Philo and Sonja, Jim, Ann and the boys, Kelli Figueira with Hilo county, Marchand, Dwayne and Gisselle, all my co-workers at Su-Mo, Ken and the whole bunch of Onions, Wynn and Safety Systems folk, my Hi School buddy Don and his wife Viv, my Brother Mikey, Dave “down the road” Steele and family, Marshall “Dillon”, Joe and Kimmy, Larry and Barbara in Alaska, Jeff Cochran (not that one, the other one),Jesse and Ray and that whole big group, Patty next door, Dr. Au and his needles, all of the Anna’s orphans, and all you others that have so enriched my life.

To my cancer-free wife Julie, the kids Jon, Jamie, and Lori and the Lloyd clan of Marshall and Evan and Brecca. My new grandson Mocean. The dogs Isabeau and Sitka.

To Doc, Jawz, Eli, Scotty, Krazy Kenny, Big John, Navarre and the others that live in my memory.

Happy New Year

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