Almost New Year, I’m Tired

This is got to be from the Bee; “Kamala Harris Turns to Hilary To Learn How To Make People Like Her.” Seriously, tell me it’s from the Bee.

Words to use: Acknowledging that the COVID-19 pandemic has aggravated some family problems, Pope Francis has encouraged everyone always remember three key words: “Please, thanks and sorry.” As in “Please remove Uncle Joe from office. Thanks very much. I’m sorry he was elected.

Him, laughing while watching Guttfeld. Her : “All that sarcasm isn’t fixing anything.”(As she returns to her 237th  straight Hallmark Christmas movie.)

Every freakin’ day: Fauci says, Fauci warns, Fauci considers. Who gave this unelected career fraud the authority to warn, say, or consider anything? And who the hell is listening to him? And why?

Sad Good-Bye: The original “Rouge Warrior” “Demo” Dick Marchinko. Marcinko, a legendary military figure known for leading SEAL Team Six when the covert special operations unit was in its infancy, died Saturday, according to his son and the National Navy SEAL Museum. He was 81. Marcinko designed and organized SEAL Team Six after the failed hostage rescue attempt in Iran during the Carter administration, according to a social media post from the Navy SEAL Museum. Never had the pleasure of meeting him, but he was spoken of very highly by someone I do know and admire , G.Gordon Liddy. The Table of Warriors has a new member.

Oh please dear gods no: Podcaster Joe Rogan believes that if Former First Lady Michelle Obama decides to run for President in 2024, she will win. “Michelle Obama and they’re going to bring in Harris  Rogan said on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast about who he thinks the Democrats will run in 2024. “Harris comes back as the Vice President and Michelle Obama is the President. We get a double dose of diversity.” Hey, even Rogan is wrong..a lot..often..especially on this…please.

Been working on the house, roof, yard, playing with the dogs, listening to music and enjoying some alcohol. Enjoy your New Year, the story and the rant. I’ll see ya’ll next year.

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