It’s Christmas Thursday

How low can you go: Five heartless thieves were busted for looting the ravaged homes of tornado victims in Kentucky, officials said. The group of looters allegedly went to an area “particularly hit hard by the tornado” on Friday and ransacked the destroyed homes, according to Graves County Sheriff Jon Hayden. Law enforcement officers from several agencies quickly converged on the group, who were stopped while trying to flee the area with several damaged vehicles in tow. The vehicles “were owned by tornado victims that have been displaced by the tornado, in the hospital, and/or deceased,” Hayden said. When confronted by officers, group members gave contradicting stories, with some claiming they had received permission to be there, which deputies disproved after contacting the homeowners. There is good news, the Governor has announced that there are no missing persons from the tornado. All persons have been accounted for and located.

Not governor, empress : Abrams, who built her national reputation by advocating for voting rights, is calling on Congress to take action on federal voting rules as the Democrat launches a second bid to become Georgia’s governor. Senators including Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock, Abrams’ close ally, have been arguing in recent days that the Senate must try again on federal voting standards, despite earlier setbacks. The Constitution gives the individual state the right to set up its election procedures,. That’s why it’s called “States Rights”. So let me get this right, she isn’t elected to anything, but she’s telling the Congress what them “HAVE” to do and she wants the to run everything. Right? Uh, NO.

Has the world gone insane:  Margaret Buttimer, a 66-year-old grandmother, will spend this Christmas behind bars after being sentenced to one year in prison for violating Ireland’s mask mandate, with six months of the sentence being suspended. Buttimer was sentenced after being found guilty of not wearing a mask in a restaurant. The grandmother was initially imprisoned last week after breaching her bail terms by going Christmas shopping, having been ordered to stay away from stores. The answer is yes. Yes it has.

“Oh Oh Mister Kotter”: Headline; “Viral Vigilantes Or Snitches?” That’s an answer is so easy even Arnold Horshack could answer.

No answer is the answer: Last week Biden judicial nominee for the United States District Judge for the District of Nevada nominee Anne Traum dodged the same question 9  times during her “confirmation” hearing. Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) asked the nominee; “Do you think we should forgive criminal misbehavior in the name of social justice?” Seems like a fairly straight forward question doesn’t it? The nominee danced, bobbed, and weaved and wouldn’t commit to an answer. Finally, exasperatred,  Kennedy asked her Fvorite color. That she answered; “Blue”. My thought, since she will not answer in the negative, she is does agree that “social justice” is more important than the “law”. Vote NO Senator, Vote NO.

Count on no one but you: The last 12 Christian missionaries kidnapped in Haiti and held in captivity for two months were not “released” as earlier reported. They found their freedom by escaping, according to their charity group, Christian Aid Ministries, and several other sources. In a first-hand account shared with the organization by one of the hostages, the group credited “the Lord” with saving them. One of the kidnapped missionaries described their plans to make their escape sometime between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. on the night of Wednesday, Dec. 15, when members of the gang holding them changed shifts. He said the charity, which is pausing its health, education and religious outreach in Haiti, “grappled for many hours over the proper course of action” after its workers were abducted for ransom. Troyer said many people reached out during the two months, including those who “provided funds to pay a ransom and allow the engaging process to continue.”  The U.S. .gov. had dispatched the FBI to Haiti the day after the kidnapping.  And that’s it. The fbi is an investigative arm in a foreign country. They have no action jurisdiction. Remember, nobody is coming. You have to save yourself and loved ones.

I’m in Hilo with the wife and dogs. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and weekend. (No Rant this week, doesn’t seem right.)

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