Tuesday Motes, Because, Why Not?

Chip Chip Chip: Last week Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar introduced her anti-Islamophobia bill that would create a special envoy to monitor “Islamophobia” around the world. Why the hell is America monitoring “around the world”? Aren’t these people always saying the USA isn’t the worlds policeman? Since the 9-11 attacks that killed 3,000 innocent Americans, there have been 40k + Islamic terrorist attacks around the world. It’s not a “phobia” if it’s really happening. That’s the problem. And unless she plans on redoing the Constitution, we’re still free to say what we think. I don’t care what her “special envoy” says.

Point to remember: Always speak, text, and act as if someone was watching and recording. They probably are. And if you think the other guy is an informer/snitch, he probably is.

Not just anybody: After finishing the new “Aquaman”, Jason Mamoa is taking some time off here in Hawaii. I understand he likes bikes and riding. Hey Jason, you want to borrow mine? Not a problem.

That goes for Keanu and Snoop as well.

 A hero: Congratulations to Army Sergeant First Class Alwyn Cashe. While serving in Iraq he and his fellow soldiers were hit by an IED. While on fire and exposed to enemy fire, Cashe pulled several soldiers and an interpreter from a burning vehicle that was hit by an improvised explosive device. He died as a result of his wounds in 2005. He was originally awarded the Silver Star, but it has been upgraded to the CMO. Well done, Soldier. Well done.

From the theguardian :“Trump supporters and members of far-right extremist groups who took part in the violent insurrection at the US Capitol on 6 January are raising hundreds of thousands of dollars from online crowdfunding sites by portraying themselves as maligned American patriots, martyrs and political prisoners”. Okay, I am really tired of these editorial comments being labeled “news”. Like the Jan 6 protest being labeled a “violent insurrection”. If it had been a real insurrection, we’d have a different President. And if you are jailed by the federal government, without bail, for a misdemeanor, for months at a time, you ARE a political prisoner. As far as raising money, I guess that’s only okay for BLM/Antifa, after their “peaceful protests” that cost cities over $550 million dollars. And finally, YES, they are patriots.

Since I do a rant on Sundays: This weekend I missed the birthday, December 19, of Princess Bernice Pauahi Paki. She was born in 1831, the daughter of High Chiefs Abner Paki and Laura Konia. The Princess was a visionary that loved her people and the land. She established a legacy that continues today through the Kamehameha Schools. The  Princess truly made the world a better place.

1883: Yes! Yes! Yes!

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