Sunday Rant – DTI

11 Dec 21  

“And what sort of lives do these people, who pose as being moral, lead themselves?My dear fellow, you forget that we are in the native land of the hypocrite.”  Oscar Wilde

 Beverly Hills Blues? 

Goodness gracious! 

Bona-fide VCAs are invading Beverly Hills and attacking the very smug, leftist progressives who claim to love them (criminals) so much! 

Even hard-core, Communist, former SDS, aging leftist radicals from the 1960s, fearful of being attacked in 2021 by the very criminals they enfranchised, supported, protected, and apologized for, are up in arms, literally, about their current plight! 

They’re admitting that they’re buying guns and ammunition, the very guns they want to ban from the rest of us! 

These brand-new gun-owners are conceited liberals who swore up an down they would “never own a gun!” 

Well it would appear, “never” just ended! 

Can you spell h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y? 

It seems self-righteous, pseudo-sanctimonious, hypocritical liberals aren’t “anti-gun.” They’re “anti-your-gun”

Apparently, guns they own, and that protect them, are suddenly just fine, because their lives and property are “important.” 

By contrast, guns owned by us, “the unwashed,” who work for a living, pay taxes, and live in plain-vanilla American neighborhoods, are “bad” and need to be forcibly ripped from our homes and our hands, because we are unimportant, expendable, and our hard-earned private property deserves to be destroyed/stolen. 

The foregoing has always been at the heart of leftist/Communist dogma! 

So, Beverly Hills liberals are now upset, because their precious criminals have turned on them! 

I’m fresh out of sympathy!


Addition: Some friends of mine, still in the business, have told me the demand for “bodyguards” in LA and surrounding, is unfillable. Doesn’t matter if you are any good, competent, or even trained, there’s a job waiting out there. Some of the “employers” are being too picky about licenses and certifications. Untrained personal security is better than none, but only a little. And comes with its own set of problems. Untrained will get you, the client, in deep legal problems by over-reacting, over-reaching their legal perimeters, and over-responding to “threats”. This will all end badly. Long before it gets better. John agrees.

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