End Of the Week Before Christmas Motes

It gets expensive: When your city has paid out $67m in police misconduct settlements, in one year, you might have a problem. That $67 million, from Chicago taxpayers to cover police mistakes and misconduct, is more than the city is spending on violence prevention programs. How’s your city doing? Remember a city and state only have one source of income, you the taxpayer.

This wouldn’t sell as a third rate tv script: I can remember when embracing the Communist Party was a political death sentence.  But Senator Richard Blumenthal (D) of Connecticut, already known as a pos for his stolen valor in claiming to have served in Vietnam, was not shy about becoming the “surprise guest” when the Connecticut Peoples World Committee presented its annual Amistad Awards marking the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party, USA. Senator Blumenthal’s second term in the U.S. Senate ends in 2023, meaning he must stand for re-election next year in a year expected to be very difficult for Democrats.  Blumenthal has an ultra-elite education: Harvard undergrad and Yale Law School, where he was a classmate of Hillary and Bill Clinton and Robert Reich. He’ll be 76 years old next year and is estimated to be worth well over $100 million. Another silver spoon socialist that thinks after the revolution, he’ll be one of them in charge. No Dicky, they’ll hang you in first batch.

The people are pizzed: Police in the former East German city of Dresden say they have confiscated a cache of weapons including crossbows, sharp spikes, and guns in early-morning raids of properties tied to a right-wing anti-vaccine group that threatened to kill a local government official over anti-COVID measures. Kit’s so bad, German Health Minister Jens Spahn warned that by the end of the winter, “pretty much everyone in Germany will be vaccinated, recovered, or dead… That’s the reality.” The people are getting tired of all these “measures”. Crossbows have been “popular” for 2-3 hundred years. And they’re not registered.

This won’t work out: Norway will ban the serving of alcohol in bars and restaurants, impose stricter rules in schools and speed up vaccination as part of new efforts to curb the outbreak of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, the government said on Monday.

This makes two: The Golf Cart Christmas Parade was set to begin on Sunday evening when police say 27-year-old Terryus Baker crashed his car along the route. Authorities in Winter Garden say they were in the process of closing the roads when Baker approached a barricade at high speed. They claim that the vehicle almost hit an officer before continuing on to crash into another car. Following the crash, police say Baker attempted to flee on foot but was apprehended by an off-duty officer attending the parade. In Baker’s car were two children and 24-year-old Elizabeth Chavez. Chavez was arrested on an unrelated warrant. No reports of injuries, and no msm coverage. I let you guess why.

Your own choices: The 19-year-old Grammy award-winning singer Billie Eilish said pornography warped her views of sex and relationships after she began watching it when she was just 11 years old. “It destroyed my brain,” she said on “The Howard Stern Show” on Monday. Eilish said being exposed to such violent and abusive “BDSM” porn at such a young age not only led to night terrors and sleep paralysis but also to issues of abuse and violence when she had sex. Okay, I don’t listen to Stern. He’s not entertaining to me. I also don’t listen to her singing. Same reason. But I did read the entire article and not once did she name the insidious person that forced her to watch that awful stuff. She had to be forced, because if not all she had to do was “turn it off” At 11, no adult supervision? Nobody cared? Does anybody care now?   

 Just a little too severe: North Korea has publicly executed at least seven people in the past decade for watching or distributing K-pop videos from South Korea, as it cracks down on what its leader, Kim Jong-un, calls a “vicious cancer”, according to a human rights report released on Wednesday.  I can understand this. I don’t approve, but I understand.

In Honolulu until the 23rd. then vacation until 1/3/22. There will be Motes, stories, and opinions. Probably won’t make any more sense than they do now. 😊

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