Motes For Your Amusement

It’s a crime: The pharmaceutical industry relies on drug-pricing practices that are “unsustainable, unjustified and unfair,” according to findings from a nearly three-year investigation by the House Oversight Committee. e findings, released Friday, show that companies studied by the committee raised prices of common brand-name drugs during the past five years by nearly four times the rate of inflation. The prices are just plain crippling. One of Julies med’s went from $23 a prescription (1 month) and jumped to $240 per month in one freakin’ step. Since it is a cancer med, standard medical coverage is minimal. It sucks. President Trump was trying but every time he tried to put a cap on meds, they would boost it by 2x as much. I believe in capitalism, but sometimes the greed is just too much.

Okay, let’s put this in perspective. These are the gas prices on 4/4/21 and 12/6/21. Same station, same pumps. I see an almost a $.60 a gal increase, and that’s with the recent .05 drop. You go Brandon.

A real POS : Earlier this month, the Parsons Police Department said that they received a call from one of their own employees that their dog had been murdered. The puppy, the release said, was a purebred black German Shepard — named Ranger — who was approximately 3 months old. Around 2 p.m. Ranger’s owner found the pup lying in the yard “with its head severed.” There is not a hole in hell deep enough for a person that would do this. And if, as is suspected, this was done as an act of intimidation, the owner is a police officer, this should be treated as an out and out hate crime.

I’m shocked I tell you: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) promised Democrats in 2018 that she would only lead her caucus for two more terms if she was elected by her caucus after the party won the 2018 midterm elections. Under an agreement reached with seven Democrats who opposed her speaker bid, Pelosi will back term limits for the top three Democratic leaders. The limit she has agreed to will prevent her from serving as speaker beyond another four years. She now appears ready to break that promise. A politician is breaking a promise. And who is really surprised? Yeah, me neither.

Wrong tool:  Police say a 57-year-old Florida man angry over his neighbors’ parking habits sprayed fire from a commercial flamethrower toward a car with three teenagers inside. No one was hurt in the Nov. 30 incident. Andre Abrams of Gainesville faces three counts of felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intending to kill. The mother of one of the teens says Abrams frequently sprayed the flamethrower to scare off guests at her home. Everyone knows flamethrowers are for vampires, not teenagers parking badly.  And what the heck is a “commercial” flamethrower? I want one.

Another myth destroyed: It’s said that the “only” thing you can do that doesn’t require id is vote. Not so. Recently it has been exposed that illegal immigrants can fly without photo, or actually any, identification. TSA agents have been reported as checking the individuals “I-862 Notice to Appear in Court” documents as “proof” of identification. Basically that is a “ticket”, the name etc. of the paper is what the immigrant” says they are. There is NO vetting process. Why is it an “Immigrant” now has more rights than I do?

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