Tuesday Motes Just ‘Cause

Wrong answer: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blamed retailers for not protecting themselves enough from the criminals and looters in the city. It’s their fault that the city is becoming unbearable to do business in. Lightfoot, a committed leftist, can’t understand why they just don’t hire more security guards. Groups of looters in masks have stormed stores in orchestrated plots to steal thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise in downtown Chicago and the city’s suburbs. According to Lightfoot, the retailers haven’t hired enough security guards, don’t Have enough security cameras, and should chain their goods down. How about, I don’t know, maybe actually prosecuting criminals. Bet that might work.

You know it ain’t cheap when you scroll through 4 to 6 screens and you still haven’t found out how much this “super knee brace” costs.

Dragon says HI

I wanna see it: In recent years, the village of Kamenka in Russia’s Lipetsk region has become famous as the home of Zmei Gorynich, a giant three-headed statue of one of the most iconic villains of Slavic folk stories. Work on this real-life 15 meter high version of Zmei Gorynich began in 2015 and was completed after about two years. The statue consists mainly of an iron frame and concrete, and depicts the terrible serpent-like creature in all of its terrifying glory, atop a small mound, in the middle of the Kudykina Gora family park. The highlight of a visit to Kudykina Gora is hearing the dragon let out a Godzilla-like scream just before spouting flames through all its three mouths, leaving plumes of black smoke floating around. These special effects can only be witnessed at 7 pm sharp on weekends, and on national holidays.

The simple answer is, yes: Headline “Is Your Cat A Psychopath? There’s Now A Test You Can Take To Find Out.” Many of us may be unknowingly living with a psychopath, according to the authors of a new study. Cute and cuddly at first glance, these charming housemates of ours have a nefarious side that can now be measured thanks to a newly developed psychopathy test for cats. Known as the CAT-Tri+ test, the final version of the questionnaire inquires about 12 different behaviors that contribute to a cat’s level of boldness. Anyone who has lived with a cat doesn’t need  any test. The answer is YES. Because they all are.

Just a number: Just 16 percent of American adults strongly approve of President Biden’s job performance, according to a  NPR poll. My question is, So what? Unless there is a reason to impeach, a real one not a made up one, there is nothing “we the people” can do. He can have an approval rate of minus, and there’s not a damn thing we can do.

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