Friday, and not too soon, Motes

It’s Trruuummmpp: People in counties that voted for Donald Trump are nearly three times more likely to die from Covid-19 than those who live in counties that voted for Joe Biden, according to a new study by National Public Radio. NPR examined deaths per 100,000 people in about 3,000 counties across the US since May 2021. According to NPR, 1 May was chosen as the start date as it is roughly the time when vaccines became universally available to adults. Hawaii, Nebraska and Alaska were excluded from the study because they either do not report election results by county or do not report county-level vaccine data. Remember, this is from NPR, not exactly “unbiased” news reporting.

Not much coverage: Three more members of a group of 17 hostages kidnapped in Haiti in October, were released Sunday night, according to a statement from the US-based Christian Aid Ministries. A young American child and their American mother were among the three missionary hostages released Sunday. The hostages included an infant, a 3-year-old and a 6-year-old, as well as two young teenagers. All hail from Amish, Mennonite and other conservative Anabaptist communities across six US states and Ontario. How about all the msm headlines on this? How about the big push to rescue from the US State department? Oh that’s right, there hasn’t been any. Christians, you’re on your own.

Interesting advertisement: This animated commercial starts off with a young woman working on a factory floor. Gradually the work is taken over by robots. She gets laid off, sees an ad for and goes to Phoenix University, gets her degree and becomes an IT tech. During the ad, she goes from single, to one child, and then to two children. The is no sign of a male figure or husband. The idea of the commercial seems to be that a woman can do anything at all, including having children and getting a college education, without a man in her life. Not sure where I’m going with this, just seems a little “off”.

And yet she is surprised:  California mom said her son’s school district offered him pizza in exchange for getting vaccinated. Maribel Duarte said her teenage son, a student in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), came home after school with a vaccine card after someone offered him pizza in exchange for submitting to vaccination. “The lady that gave him the shot and signed the paper told my son, ‘Please don’t say anything. I don’t want to get in trouble,’” Duarte said. LAUSD mandated the vaccine for all students age 12 and older by Jan. 10 and is reportedly planning to force those with no legal exemption into remote learning. Oh, the school the child addends is “Barack Obama Global Prep Academy”. And yet, she seems surprised.

How can we miss you, when you won’t go away: For the first time, Hillary Clinton is sharing the speech she would have made if she had won the 2016 presidential election. Clinton’s speech is featured in her new talk on the power of resilience for “MasterClass”, the streaming platform featuring luminaries from all walks of life sharing what they have learned to inspire and teach others. No word on if she will teach how to run a “Foundation” for fun and profit.

It’s a matter of how soon: Headline, “Charges Dropped”; “The charges on the single remaining defendant were dropped today when it was discovered all 27 of the unindicted co-conspirators were fbi/nsa/dea agents and/or informants.” Okay, made up headline and story. Only thing, it’s not far from the truth. It’ll happen.

In Hilo for the rainy weekend. Christmas tree, house cleaning, poop pick-up and all that good stuff.

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