Tuesday Motes, Lessons To Learn

I differ: Alec Baldwin said he doesn’t feel any guilt after the fatal shooting on the set of his movie “Rust” that left cinematographer Halyna Hutchins dead.  The star admitted. “I feel that someone is responsible for what happened. And I can’t say who that is, but I know it’s not me.” Hey Alec, you are the producer, the director, the star, and the guy that had the gun in his hand. Yeah, it is you.

Seth Rogan is on a roll: Not only did he get to attend, self-claimed stoned on his butt, an Adele concert, but now he claims his new animated series “Santa Inc” has “pissed off tens of thousands of white supremacists”. Seth, little buddy, you seem to immensely over rate yourself. Way over-rated yourself. They were not pissed, they were just not watching. If I remember, there were re-runs of “My Mother the Car” on that same time.

Flint Hawaii waters: A couple of weeks ago a hiker on the island of Oahu (Honolulu) discovered one of the streams in Halawa Valley smelled, and faintly tasted, like beer. That was tracked down to a local liquor distributor and leakage from the warehouse. Now they are investigating the Pearl Harbor/Hickam AFB/RED Hill area. The water smells and tastes heavily of petroleum contamination. Many wouldn’t know but RED (Reserve Energy Depository) Hill contains 18 huge fuel storage tanks built in the 1940’s. They are still in use. It is beginning to look like a tank leak was contaminated to under ground aquafer in the largeish ( for Honolulu) area. “Right now, it almost looks like a disaster unfolding before our eyes,” Board of Water Supply Chief Engineer Ernie Lau said. I’ll post updates.

Headline: “How do sports and entertainment entities deal with China”. Simple, they take the money, and shut up.

All the news: A recent nbc “news” story was about the conditions and problems that male trans inmates have to suffer. They complained of isolation, strip searches and trauma. I would like to point out that trans people that don’t commit crimes don’t have most these problems. Maybe that’s the cure. Don’t commit crimes. What a novel idea.

The least of their problems: Surveillance video caught a group of thieves Thursday morning using a stun gun on a security guard, smashing their way into Segway of Hawaii in Kakaako, and making off with thousands of dollars worth of bikes. The thieves use what appears to be a Taser on the man and he runs away and calls the cops. What’s wrong with people. Don’t they know stun guns aren’t legal until Jan. 1st?

Are we next: I have been reading on some of the thug tactics being used to force citizens of Australia into concentration  quarantine camps. It’s as if the people have no rights anymore. One person reported after she was forcibly taken to the “camp”, she was told she would be released after testing negative for COVID-19, but when she arrived at the facility, she was escorted by figures in hazmat suits to a room where she would stay for 14 days with meal deliveries occurring just once daily. She was reportedly tested three separate times during her detention but was forced to stay in isolation. When she tried to leave, she was threatened with a $5,000. (aud) fine. Australian officials established the Howard Springs quarantine camp near Darwin last August with the intent of imprisoning anyone they believed to be possibly infected with COVID-19 and forcing them into isolation. Imprisonment, not for a crime, but for getting sick. How long before Fauxi “suggests” this?

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