It’s Thursday, Almost Friday Motes

It’s happened before: Fearful that her husband would come into their apartment and hurt their children, Ruth Esther Reyes de Severino “begged” the managers of Penns Grove Gardens in Salem County, N.J., to change the door locks after she was granted a temporary restraining order against him in January 2020, according to a lawsuit filed by her family. She asked at least five times in the following weeks, her family’s lawyer said, but nothing happened. On Feb. 5, 2020, Ms. Reyes de Severino’s estranged husband, Eugenio Severino, 54, unlocked the door to Unit 47 with a key, walked in with a knife and fatally stabbed her and their two children. Years ago Pop was asked to change a door lock, in court, in support of just this kind of incident. A young woman at the U of H asked, numerous times, her apartment manager to change the locks for the same reason. His response was, “You gave him the key. You change the lock.” She was also killed. The family sued the property management and the manager. The in-court change took Pop a matter of minutes.  The family won.

Faux Fauci: “National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director” Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that it was laughable that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) thinks he should be prosecuted for coronavirus pandemic failures after what happened on January 6 Capitol riot. To follow his reasoning, he should not be prosecuted for his crimes (lying to Congress), because someone else, someplace else, did something else wrong (trespassing). This is a “man of science”? This is the same reasoning a common dumb crook would use. So, Fauci is just a common dumb crook. Same reasoning.

Never relax at work: A Home Depot employee in Virginia was killed after he became trapped beneath a forklift while working, according to local officials. Paulo Gato, 43, was crushed after a forklift he was operating fell on its side just after midnight on Tuesday, Nov. 23. Gato had been operating the forklift unloading supplies from a delivery truck when the apparatus fell over, trapping Gato. Police do not believe there is any indication of criminal activity. It tells me he probably didn’t wear the seatbelt and was thrown out of the cage.

A biker he ain’t: George Clooney believed his 2018 “motorcycle” crash would be the last few moments of his life. The star, rather bleakly, said in a new interview that he was convinced he would die with strangers crowding around him filming instead of trying to get help. Clooney, now 60, was driving in Sardinia, Italy, at 75 mph when a car in front of him turned and he flew over the handlebars. Just a quick fact check here, he was on a motor “scooter”. And why the hell was he doing 75mph? Just why should those people get involved “in trying to get help”? Does he even haver a “scooter” license? Inquiring minds don’t really care.

Is it just that I’m a racist or is the Waukesha Parade driver’s skin getting lighter? Looking at the current msm photo’s, past booking photo’s, and the one’s on his farcebook are really quite different.

Please, no more: Watched the reboot of Nash  Bridges from last weekend. Let’s check it; Old cranky cop who isn’t politically correct or connected? Check. The brilliant black trans that dresses like she’s on a date with a Kardashian? Check. The young oriental female cop whose grandfather taught her secret martial arts and is having a relationship with the young black male cop? Check. The Mexican stoner that isn’t really a cop? Check. Oh, the hard azz black female commanding officer that longs for the old days? Check. Predictable dialogue and situations? Check. Don Johnson looking scruffy and put upon? Check. No, won’t be watching if they do decide to make it a weekly. Or maybe that’s weakly.

T-Day memory: Spoke with an old buddy of mine the other day. He related to me one of his fondest memories was of Thanksgiving 1968. He was a copter pilot in Viet Nam, and his assignment was; 1) Transport the Chaplin to different forward camps, 2) And while the Chaplin conducted services he would return to the main camp to pick up and fly the hot Thanksgiving meal to the camp, 3) Pick up the Chaplin and fly on to the next camp. Said he did 14 or 15 flights that day. Told me his fondest memory is of the faces of those guys as they saw that hot meal. Well done Brother Don. Well done.

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