Wednesday Kind of Motes

Just asking: How come nobody is referring to Darrell Brook as a black supremacist? He has openly advocated violence against others based on the color of their skin. He has openly “rapped” anti-white lyrics and claims the black race is superior. Why isn’t he called a “Black Supremacist”? And has James T. Hodgkinson been erased from history?

Maybe there is hope: Pillow fighting is moving out of the bedroom and into the boxing ring when Pillow Fight Championship (PFC) holds its first live, pay-per-view event in Florida on Jan. 29. Steve Williams, the man with the dream of turning childhood horseplay into a professional combat sport, said PFC delivers all the drama of hand-to-hand combat without the gore of mixed martial arts or boxing. “It’s serious. It’s hardcore swinging with specialized pillows.” No information on the attire to be worn.

Almost like they planned it: Dozens of people have been snowed in for three nights after the country was hit by Storm Arewn. More than 60 revelers who went out to the Tan Hill Inn in Swaledale, northern England, on Friday ended up extending their stay after snow blocked roads and brought down a power line. “They’re all in good spirits, they’re all eating and drinking well,” said Andrew Hields, 36. The co-owner reported guests have been entertained by an Oasis cover band, Noasis, who were booked to play on Friday night, as well as quizzes, table games, karaoke and sing-along carol sessions. Imagine, having to spend the weekend at a pub, or rather not having to go home from the pub. Ohhh yeaaahh.

Your entertainment update: Two movies last weekend, both from 1998, I know the last century. “Paulie”, about a parrot that tells his long tale of life, to the new building janitor. Wasn’t sure what we expected but it was a fun pleasant afternoon. A pleasant story and good cast. A good movie for family night. And  just for the heck of it, “Blues Brothers 2000”. Man, what a cast of world class musicians. Rock, country, blues, you name it. A weak story line, and some easy problem out’s, but a fun date night movie and well worth watching. Okay, John Goodman is no John Belushi, but he gives it his all and he is enjoyable.

Storyteller’s Butter and White Wine Basted Turkey. Gooood.

ND: A Georgia woman working as a webcam model for a popular pornography site accidentally shot herself in the vagina earlier this month, a police report chronicling the bizarre incident reveals, in what a witness says was a pornographic video gone horribly wrong.  A roommate said, ”she makes sexual videos of herself and people pay her to see them.” The reports won’t say it, but it would appear she was using the weapon as a sex toy. This is definitely a negligent discharge. No pun intended.

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