Worldly Tuesday Motes

Clueless in DC: Joe Biden’s Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm on Tuesday said she has no idea how many barrels of oil the US consumes a day. Google it, stupid, it’s 19.6 million barrels a day. Uncle Joe gave us about 2 ½ days.

America is next: June Mills, an Aboriginal elder in northern Australia took to Facebook and recorded a disturbing video. Mills claims the Australian military is forcibly holding down aboriginal people and vaccinating them against their will. June is an elder from the towns which these people were removed from speaking out and is rightly ANGRY. Add this to the military moving unvaxxd citizens to “containment centers”. There is no freedom in Australia.

A different view: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the Italian prelate well known for his criticism of Pope Francis and opposition to globalist schemes, issued Tuesday a dire warning and a powerful clarion call.  A “global coup d’état” is taking place, he stated, for the purposes of effecting a “Great Reset,” a movement toward the “New World Order.” “If the attack is global,” he continued, “the defense must also be global.” Viganò is not the only Christian hierarch sounding this alarm. He has been joined by fellow prelate Cardinal Raymond Burke, who warned last December that the China virus is being used by supporters of “The Great Reset” to promote an “evil agenda.” (From “ Some interesting reading. I do remember when “The Church” was considered conservative. But that was a long time ago. Still, a very interesting read.

They are different: The past couple of years have seen the Norwegian post service, Posten, tackle provocative topics in its holiday advertising. This year, the advertiser and its agency Pol look like they are setting out to make headlines again, with a beautifully told gay love story featuring Saint Nicholas himself. A “gay love” story? WTF? What happen to Mrs. Clause? Are the elves really fairies? This is wrong on sooo many levels.

Get woke, go broke: The Salvation Army is asking for more than donations this year. The Christian charitable organization is asking all white donors to reflect on their racism this year.The Salvation Army’s Alexandria-based leadership has created an “International Social Justice Commission” which has developed and released a “resource” to educate its white donors, volunteers and employees. This weekend they tried to walk it back, but I don’t think it’ll work. Well, I guess those kettle’s will be going a little short this year. There will people that say, “Don’t call me a racist, and then ask me for $$. It won’t happen.” The shame is the SA does good, but because of this “woke”, there will be many people who will go without.

Jack Parr he ain’t: Late Show host Stephen Colbert is so upset about the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case that he is proposing changing the law to criminalize self-defense. (Read that again.) Following the jury determining Rittenhouse was acting lawfully when he shot three people who were attacking him during a riot in Kenosha last year, Colbert said that if the teenager “didn’t break the law, we should change the law.” I got a better idea, change the channel. This guy is a dope.

This weekend was 4 days of music at Casa el Storyteller. Playlist included the Everly Brothers, Travis Tritt, Roy Clarke, Allison Krauss, John Prine, Hoyt Axton, and of course, John Wayne.

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