Come For The Motes, Stay For Monday

Un-Social discourse: Caught a little of Hannity. Same old, same old. Bongino and Rivera, with Rivera showing what a total azz he is. Rivera announced he “despises” people who don’t want the vaxx. He also “despises” “smug” people that have gotten the shot but urge others to make up their own mind. To quote Gerald, an elitist, “You have no individual rights when it comes to this vaccine”.  So, Gerry despises me. Meh. It’s not like it’ll have any effect on my social life. Every time I see these two, Bongino seems to remain calm, tries to state his position, and Rivera shouts, insults, makes personal attacks, and over-brays when he gets the smallest item correct. Hey Gerry, go find an empty vault to open and leave my choices to me.

Congratulations to my buddy Mike Woundy. He recently received the Dept. of the Army, Civilian Achievement Medal for his work in establishing a “Dive Safety” training program as a CoE dive master. Good work Brother, good work.

Not a movie: I got on a binge-watching cycle of Australian movies, mostly depicting how badly the Aborigines were treated. I would guess there will soon be a number of movies regarding the treatment of the indigenous people, mostly children, by the Canadian (British) government. In the past couple of years literally thousands of remains of these young souls have been “discovered” in what were euphemistically called “schools” or “institutes”. They have now started the search The Mohawk Institute, Ontario. Between 1831 and 1970, thousands of Indigenous children were sent there. It is unknown how many never returned.

Happy Birthday Bill D. “C.W.McCall” Fries. May your Convoy roll on many more years.

Honolulu Star-Advertiser: Regarding the recent “Insight” article “Right to bear arms can stifle free speech”, by David Cole and Donna Lieberman. Their opening sentence claims the Kenosha protest “only turned deadly when Rittenhouse opened fire on protesters”. Kyle Rittenhouse did not “open fire on protesters”, he defended himself from clear and specific attackers. This has been made abundantly clear by the court testimony. In the 3 days before the shooting, the “protesters’ destroyed dozens of buildings and set more than 30 fires. They say that in the 30,000 (thirty thousand) public demonstrations between 1/2020 and 6/21 there was more of a chance that it would result in confrontation if one side was armed. How many confrontations, assaults, or arsons were stopped? I’m sorry that they feel the Second Amendment is “not absolute”. It’s my opinion the Second Amendment is why they have and keep their First Amendment. But that’s not absolute either. Is it?

Should I stop: Reading about the Jan 6 trials, to me, is ludicrous. It seems to be the only trials held for any of the (see above) 30,000 riots or protests held in the past 2 years. Maybe the defunded police can’t find any of those perpetrators. They did manage to identify and arrest 650 people for Jan 6. How come none of the other looters and arsonists haven’t been charged. Wait, there was no looting or arson on Jan 6. Okay, now I’m really confused.

Dr. Brittany Cooper: Your comment “The thing I want to say is that we’ve got to take these mxxhafuxxas out.” Why don’t you start the ball? Come on down. Hey, I ain’t that hard to find. 

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