Sunday Rant

The fbi is no longer the premier law enforcement organization In America. They have become an enforcement gestapo of the democrat party. In the past few years;

  1. The Steel Dossier and the FISA court warrants, the false testimony, and made-up investigations of Trump. Agents lied to a federal court and to a federal judge.
  2. The Gretchen Whitmer investigation where there were twice as many informants and agents as there were perp’s, and the agents were the driving force.
  3. The ignoring of the blatant inter-state travel to conduct crimes (riot, personal injuries, weapons violations, theft, and arson) during last year’s summer of love. These would be federal crimes.
  4. The failure to identify and investigate Ray Epps and his part in the DC “insurrection”. Video confirms Epps was an instigator making his involvement a federal crime.
  5.  Concealing of the Kyle Rittenhouse video’s that show Rittenhouse being repeatedly assaulted. Rittenhouse committed no federal crime.
  6. The Jeremy Brown case, he refused to be a snitch, went to DC, and 9 months later was arrested by 40 to 60 agents for misdemeanor trespassing, his home and belongings searched, and he is still in jail after being denied bail, on a misdemeanor! Trespassing is not a federal offense. Neither is refusing to be an informant.
  7. Agents have now begun raiding accredited news sources (Project Veritas) looking for the President daughter’s diary that went missing over a year years ago. The diary they returned to “law enforcement”. Again, not a federal offense.
  8. The investigation of outspoken parents as “domestic terrorists” in response to a single complaint letter.
  9. The failure to investigate Hunter Biden’s firearm violations. The one’s he publicly admitted to.
  10. The search and seizure of a Beverly Hills  private vault company, the contents of many of the private boxes, and forcing the owner to prove the contents were “legal” by claiming a dog had smelled unspecified drugs on jewelry and cash.

These are just the incidents that have been reported by national msm. We don’t even know how many sexual harassment complaints, improper search and seizures cases, assaults, and coercions. There are numerous federal “law enforcement” organizations that can do the jobs It’s time to disband this one.

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