Motes In The Middle

They are creating a special “second class” for the unvaxx’d: Families of unvaccinated workers may not receive death benefits if the person dies of COVID-19. New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is denying $500,000 death benefits to the families of the unvaccinated subway, bus and commuter workers. employers are are considering the federal vaccine mandate as justification for denying potential death benefits, or insurance claims based on someone’s vaccination status. There are “news” articles out that imply unvaxx’d people are of a lower intelligence, lower income and don’t really understand that everyone is trying the help them. You know, 50 years ago you could have put a color instead of unvaxx’d, and nobody would have blinked.

Woke gone mad: Last week, a group of 12 men abducted and repeatedly raped a teenage girl. Ten of them were described as individuals with a “migration background”. These are animals wherever they come from. And should be treated as such.

With respect to Biden’s mandate: OSHA regulations are entirely concerned with exposure to hazards in the workplace, and the steps that must be taken to protect against those hazards. Personal protective equipment is required to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals, operating procedures and safety equipment are required to protect against electric shocks, etc. For people whose work involves dealing with blood samples, tissue samples, and other human or animal samples that might present a risk of infection, PPE is required and other risk mitigation procedures must be followed. The rules require training, and vaccines against blood borne pathogens such as hepatitis A and B must be offered. OFFERED, mind you. Not mandated. Unless things have changed drastically there has never been anything in the OSHA regs that contemplated mandatory vaccination against anything. The stunt they’re trying to pull right now has no support in the law as written or the regs as they have historically been applied. It’s a massive overreach.

I don’t condone violence, but sometimes it is an answer: Ulysses Diaz has been arrested for punching an online troll in the mouth, according to incredible reports in the US. The MMA fighter and bare-knuckle boxer, 40, is engaged to WWE star and former professional bodybuilder Dana Brooke. He has claimed to have tracked down his critic and struck him. The victim has not been named and its unknown what was said to spark such a furious reaction from the Cuban fighter.

See above headline: I’ve said there is only one way to deal with kidnappers, slanderers and hackers. You hunt them down, publicly identify them, and then very publicly and harshly punish them. Evidently the UAE, Qatar, and Saudi royal families feel the same way. In October, the infamous ransomware gang known as Conti released thousands of files stolen from the UK jewelry store Graff. Conti has issued an apology for the release guaranteeing the none of the Royal information will be released. Why? “Bluntly, UAE sends assassination teams to deal with people they don’t like.” Works don’t it.

Chicago scorecard; 50 Shot, at least 10 dead. Quiet this weekend.

How bad can it get: An oil tanker truck exploded near Sierra Leone’s capital, killing at least 98 people and severely injuring dozens of others after large crowds gathered to collect leaking fuel, officials and witnesses said Saturday. The explosion happened late Friday when the tanker collided with another truck as it was pulling into an gas station. Look ahead and you’ll see this in America if Biden continues closing pipelines and begging OPEC for more.

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