I might have been wrong.

Earlier I stated that I didn’t think Kyle Rittenhouse would receive a “fair” trial. All the current indications, and witnesses would seem to counter-indicate that. Example; The fbi admitting, and producing, footage showing what happened in an unbroken video. The man who was wounded has not done the prosecution any good. Mostly trying to portray himself as the “victim”, Gaige Grosskreutz, 27, has only strengthened the self-defense verdict. He has tried to portray himself as being in the “protest” as a medic. Why was he carrying a handgun? Especially when his permit was expired. Grosskreutz testified that he had attended about “75” protests before the night he was shot. WTF? Who attends 75 protests? Most of us have a job and bills to pay. Apparently Grosskreutz doesn’t. When asked if he intended to shoot Rittenhouse, he replied “No, that’s not who I am.” Then why the hell are you pointing a gun at people? Especially an armed man.

There has already been at least one published threat to start a whole new reign of riot terror if Rittenhouse is acquitted. You know, the hell with the truth. My thought is that no jury is ever completely unaware of the headlines and comments. No jury is ever free from fear of reprisals over their decisions.

Maybe I’ll be wrong.

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