Sunday Rant

Someone asked me why I’m so upset about having to show id at the bar or restaurant. To me, when I already show a vaxx card, and fill out the “contact trace” paperwork, the showing of the id seems to say everything else is not true. On my job site, I tell my workers if I ask a question, I believe their answers until I have a reason to not believe their answers. When I show someone a vaxx card, and they demand additional id, to me they are saying “I don’t believe that’s your card.” In other words, I’m lying. This little piece of crap is coming from my state government that seems to think I’ll make up a phony vaxx card, without any proof. I could put all my info in the “Hawaii SMART Health card”, but why the heck should I do that. That’s just putting myself into another data base.

Just why has the state made bar/restaurant workers the new Covid Cops?

 I’m 74 freakin’ years old, I look it, and the state still demands I prove I’m over 21 to buy alcohol. Do I look like I’m under 21? My word isn’t good enough? The usual answer when questioned, the answer is always; “It’s the law.” But, it’s not a law. A law goes through a legislative process, voted on, signed by the Governor, and then becomes law. There are NO covid laws on the books. They are all “mandates”, “executive orders”, or “emergency proclamations”. The Honolulu mayor says if the covid “numbers” do not decrease there will be “mandatory vaccinations”. Where does he get this authority?

In fact, where do they get the authority to do any of this? Answer, they don’t have the authority, except there isn’t any way, short of a revolution, to argue about it. You won’t find any attorney in Hawaii that will challenge the state. They’d have to be independently wealthy because they’d never get another client. It is a democrat state, a really democrat state. And you don’t buck the democrat party in Hawaii.

So, to sum it all up, I live in the “Peoples Democrat State of Hawaii”. The politicians make their own rules, and the “people” keep electing them. I have given up being the nail that stands up, cause I’m tired of being the nail that gets hammered. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

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