Friday Monstrous Motes

I wanted to puke: When I read about 85-year-old Mireille Knoll, who in 1942 escaped from France’s most notorious second world war roundup of Jews, and had Parkinson’s disease, was killed in March 2018, a year after the killing of another Jewish woman in Paris, Sarah Halimi, 65, who was thrown out of the window of her home. Two men have appeared in court in Paris charged with the antisemitic murder. Yacine Mihoub, 31, and Alex Carrimbacus, 25, who met in prison while serving sentences for robbery, violence and sexual assault, are accused of stabbing Knoll to death and setting fire to her apartment. An elderly woman, who escaped the holocaust, is murdered by 2 scumbags because of the religion that almost destroyed her 76 years ago. There is no hole in hell deep enough for these “men”.

The governor of Hawaii is David Ige. He likes to make rules. Now he says if HI gets down to less than 100 covid cases a day, he will lift some of the “restrictions” he put in place. A few months ago, it was if 70% of the eligible population got “the shot”. The state is at 70.9%. And, there is absolutely no basis for his numbers. He just pulls them out of his a ……thin air. I still have to show medical history, personal contact information, and identification if I want a beer in a bar. This is what happens when the .gov becomes the absolute ruler.

Another view on the Baldwin shooting: The position of Safety Officer/Range Officer/Prop Master is one where you HAVE to enforce the rules and protocols. You must stand up to everyone. I do this every day on my job sites. As a RO I have disqualified shooters for safety violations, in mid match. You have to be able to stand up in your position. It is obvious the young “armorer” did not have that stance. I knew her father, Thell Reed, from the early days of the SWPL with Chapman, Weaver, Harries, and Cooper. It could be she is just not suited to telling some egocentric actor/producer like Baldwin, they need to follow the rules and protocols. And tell them every time.

Not cooking this year: Thanksgiving 2021 is shaping up to be the most expensive meal in the history of the holiday thanks to Joe Biden’s incompetence and corruption. The supply chain crisis, reckless spending, endless government benefits and Covid vaccine mandates are all contributing to rising prices. At least Joe Biden saved us 16 cents on our 4th of July cookouts.

They’re coming for your hammers next: Earlier this month, the Reno City Council passed an ordinance that prohibits people from “using or possessing whips” in the city’s downtown without first obtaining a city permit. The policy is in response to an increasing number of 911 calls by people mistaking the periodic snaps and cracks of whips as gunshots. The new restrictions were called “commonsense whip control”. Council Member Jenny Brekhus voted against the ordinance because it didn’t apply citywide, thus leaving whips dangerously unregulated in most of Reno. And the citizens of Reno pay these people.

How can we miss him, if he won’t go away: Former President Obama condemned gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin for focusing on hot-button education issues during the campaign, dismissing those issues as unserious and “fake outrage.” This would include the alleged rape of a female student by a male student and the attempted cover-up by the school and school board. The teenage suspect was found guilty on all charges. The judge ruled that the facts were sufficient to show that the defendant committed a forcible assault. The incident occurred while the suspect was under house arrest at his mother’s home.

Hilo this weekend. Wife, dogs, music, and beeeer.

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