Thursday, Little Friday, Motes

A line from the original “The Magnificent Seven”: “They’re not worried about food for the winter, they’re worried about food they don’t have now.” Kinda of applies to the empty shelves today. Someone should tell the politicians who’re telling us to “lower” our expectations, we’re not worried about Christmas presents. We’re worried about tomorrow’s supper.

P.O.’d: Ok, I admit it, I haven’t been to a bar in almost 2  months. Why? Filling out the contact tracing form, showing a vaxxd card, and then showing identification. To me, the showing id means they don’t believe I am showing a valid vaxx card. That means they say I’m lying, and I have to prove I’m not. I’m guilty until I prove otherwise. This just chafe’s my butt. I can drink at home a lot cheaper. If they go out of business because enough people feel the same way, don’t blame me. It’s the .gov that says I have to prove I’m not lying.

New terms I like: Limousine Liberals..Silver Spoon Socialists…gravedancing news

Huh?: Looking through the “Daily Caller” on Monday turned up 7 headlines/articles starting with “Navy Seal That Killed Osama Ben Laden”. Same guy all 7 articles. The articles included; “The best gun for home defense”, “What would have happened if Pakistan had tried to arrest us”, “The insane training he did for the raid”, “ How badly mangled Osama Bin Laden’s face was”, “ Seal team 6 vs Delta force debate”, and “People pushing social experimentation on the US military” . Verbose “special” warrior, ain’t he?

No, I don’t: Hilaria Baldwin opened up Monday about her husband’s on-set shooting that killed director of photography Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza. Isn’t this the same person that pretended to be “Spanish”, even speaking with a Spanish accent? Wasn’t she born Hillary Hayward-Thomas in Boston, Massachusetts? The one whose fellow students said she didn’t use a Spanish accent in high school and was, in fact, the “archetypal northeastern prep schooler”. Yeah, I really want to hear what she has to say.

I extend my deepest condolences to Snoop Dog and his family on the recent loss of Mom. The hurt will ease after time. Weird as it might seem, I’d love to sit down and have a few beers with the guy.

You, and them: The West Australian government will make it illegal for motorcycle (bikie) gang members to wear their patches or any other insignia, including tattoos, under tough new laws to be introduced to Parliament this week. The laws are a significant step up to the anti-consorting laws that failed to make it through Parliament during the last term of Mark McGowan’s government, before its re-election. his law applies to 46 organizations specifically named in the legislation from outlaw motorcycle gangs to “feeder” clubs and smaller street gangs. Insignia means patched vests, flags and even tattoos. Another aspect of the law would give the police the power to “disperse” gang members who gather in a public place. So, another specific group of people are being singled out for special laws.

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