Sunday Rant- From DTI and John Farnam

19 Oct 21

What to do!

 “Those not capable of spirited, efficacious fighting are in continuous danger of being massacred!”


 Americans residing in Republican Red States, with “shall-issue CCW policies” have a range of viable self-arming options. Yet, competent training is still critically necessary when privately owned and carried guns are to fit-into any kind of efficacious personal-security plan.

 Precious few will ever avail themselves of such training/planning, but at least it is available, and guns, including “weapons of war,” may still be legally purchased and kept for serious purposes.

 Some of us, at least, take full advantage!

 Americans residing in Democrat Blue States and cities, particularly on the East Coast (also CA), with “may-issue (but only to well-heeled, politically-connected, leftist elites) CCW policies” are presented with no reasonable option “within the law.”

 Curious the way sports celebrities and unemployed actors, when they participate in ads promoting Democrat political candidates, also have their concealed-carry permit applications magically/suddenly approved, when all others are rejected out of hand!

 Curious also the way Marxist politicians casually, and oh-so contemptuously, flaunt the very laws they demand we peons obey to the letter (or “pay the price”)!

 It’s obvious that Marxists consider private gun ownership a “political privilege,” to be enjoyed only by the leftist elite, never a “right,” to be enjoyed by everyone, even their critics!

 But of course, when Marxists have their way, our Constitution, like our flag, will be disdainfully brushed aside, in favor of a new “Master Plan.”

 Lenin talked about the same thing one-hundred years ago!

 “As democracy is ‘perfected,’ the Office of President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.”

 HL Mencken, Baltimore Evening Sun, 26 July, 1920 


In many states, like Hawaii, it is very hard to get the firearm and the training. But it is possible. You just have to work a little harder. In Hawaii, there have been 0 (zero-none-) CCW permits issued since 2010. Politicians are made “Deputy of the Court” and this allows them to carry at their discretion. And their training is mostly non-existent. But no permit for the average citizen. A two tier system, everywhere and everything.


A Letter to the Editor- Star Advertiser 10/21/21

WHAT the hell is wrong with our society? This “cancel” culture is way out of line. Every day we read about someone, who does or says something, and someone else decides it was wrong and then starts a campaign of,…well HATE is the only word I can think of.  People are hounded by neighbors and absolute strangers for not agreeing with someone. Women are stigmatized and shunned because they aren’t June Cleaver or Harriet Nelson. Families are forced to move out of homes, schools, cities or even change states because someone said they said something about someone else. Phone calls, sideways looks, and outright belligerent acts seem to be the norm today. Politics, religion, and even medical preferences are now grounds to be harassed, embarrassed, and even fired from your job. And people that cause it, are proud of themselves. Then they blame the other guy for “making” them destroy him. They can’t accept responsibility for what they have done. It’s time we found out if they can take what they dish out. It’s past time to make them follow their own rules. Call out their hypocrisy. Call out their two-tier legal system. Demand you have the same rights as they seem to demand.

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