Tuesday Motes, Nothing More

As if there wasn’t enough trouble: Seattle Police is preparing to go to a Stage 3 posture as they prepare to fire 354, at last count, unvaxxed officers. Stage 3 is all personnel in uniform and ready to respond to calls. Yeah, this will work out well.

Evil goes on forever: Police in Rio de Janeiro said Wednesday they had found a haul of Nazi memorabilia and weapons worth an estimated $3.5 million at the home of a Brazilian man suspected of raping a minor.  Police said they found more than 1,000 items at the home of the 58-year-old unnamed suspect, including Nazi uniforms, periodicals, paintings, Nazi insignia, images of Adolf Hitler, flags and medals of the Third Reich. They also found guns and ammunition from the era. “He is a smart guy and articulate, but he’s a Holocaust denier, he’s homophobic, he’s a pedophile and he says he hunts homosexuals,” Luis Armond, the lead detective on the case, told Reuters. “I’m no doctor, but he seems to me an insane psychopath.” Evil, just evil. He should be treated like an ill animal…. and put down.

How much do you hate your “ex”? :  Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum tried to buy one of the most expensive properties for sale in Britain which overlooked his ex-wife’s rural estate. His ex-wife, Jordanian Princess Haya bint al-Hussein, had raised the matter at the High Court in London as part of a legal battle. She also claims he has hacked, bugged, and stalked her. So he almost bought a $25+ million dollar estate, just to spy on her. Hey man, just let it go.

How to do it: Last week a resolution was passed in Saguache County, Colorado, related to ’emergencies’ and the actions the local government could take. The County approved measures allowing warrantless entry into households and preventing the sale of guns and ammo per an Emergency Resolution.  The resolution basically allowed the County to have total control over the people in the county once an ’emergency’ has been claimed by the County. The people of Saguache County showed up at the County Commission’s meeting Tuesday night. This week the document was rescinded.  The “people” showed up, and took their rights back. Way to go. You need to work the system against itself.

Justice? :  five men who were allegedly involved in the deadly gang-related shooting in Chicago on Friday. Three gang members allegedly began shooting at a home in Chicago’s West Side. Three individuals inside the home then returned fire. At least one of the alleged gang members was killed while two others were injured. Prosecutors “determined that the evidence was insufficient to meet our burden of proof to approve felony charges…”mutual combatants” was cited as the reason for the rejection.” Mutual combat means two parties willingly engaged in some type of fight. Okay, I’m sitting at home, you start shooting into my house, I shoot back, and we’re “mutual combatants”? Mr. D.A., on what freakin’ world do you live? “Soros bought world”. Oh, okay.

In response: No, I am no longer a member of the NRA or the Wayne LaPierre checking account. Until there is a drastic change in leadership, direction, and a full financial accounting, the NRA doesn’t get a dime from me.

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