Mondays(Not A Holiday) Motes

There is another choice: People are taking about when will there be a “female James Bond”. Why? James Bond is a male literary character, and they shouldn’t just write him as a her. A better choice, in my opinion, would be to seriously make a “Modesty Blaise” feature. Written as a newspaper comic strip by Peter O’Donnell and then several paperback’s, Modesty and her man Willie Garvin rivaled Bond in readership and fans. Including me. I read them starting back in the 60’s. In fact, I still have most of them. Unfortunately, the 1st Modesty movie was a campy p.o.s. that I will never watch again. There was a 2004 feature “My Name Is Modesty” that is actually quite good. I always thought that Pitt and Jolie would have made a perfect Willie and Modesty. Alas, not to be.

My prayers and best wishes go out to Florida’s First lady Casey DeSantis after her recent cancer diagnosis.

All for the political visual: The Lt. gov of Idaho has made a second attempt to end run on her Governor. Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin attempted to take advantage of Republican Idaho Gov. Brad Little’s absence to issue a COVID-19 related executive order — but the governor isn’t having any of it. McGeachin wasn’t finished there, however. She also sought to deploy Idaho National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border this week in Little’s absence. The lieutenant governor’s request was ultimately rebuffed, but Little took notice of the attempt and used it to slam his opponent. The governor and lieutenant governor don’t run on the same ticket. In fact, McGeachin is running for governor against Little in the state’s next election.

Do you think we’ll have to show a vaxx card to vote in 2024? But not an id? Huummm

I guess Constitutional Amendments aren’t the only thing not “absolute”: Joe Biden is edging closer to employing the nuclear option in order to suspend the debt ceiling and allow Democrats to borrow and spend another $4 trillion on their agenda. The nuclear option would, for all intents and purposes, destroy the filibuster. If the Democrats are successful in “suspending” it so they don’t need a 60-vote majority to increase the debt, they will be able to suspend the rule any time they wish. Hey, let’s do away with those pesky legislative procedures.  And while we’re at it, drop all this election nonsense. It just takes up time and only makes people mad at each other.

Where do I put in my order: Afghan gun dealers are buying and selling American weapons that were seized from American-trained Afghan soldiers by the Taliban. in interviews, three weapons dealers in Kandahar said that dozens of Afghans have set up weapons shops in Afghanistan’s south, selling American-made pistols, rifles, grenades, binoculars and night-vision goggles. The equipment was originally provided to the Afghan security forces under a U.S. training and assistance program that cost American taxpayers more than $83 billion. Heck, I’ll take one of each.

Sad Good-Bye:  Ndakasi, a mountain gorilla who famously posed for a selfie with a ranger at Congo’s Virunga National Park, has died at 14 after a long illness, the park said. She died on Sept. 26 following a prolonged illness in which her condition rapidly deteriorated. “Ndakasi took her final breath in the loving arms of her caretaker and lifelong friend, Andre Bauma,” There is a place in heaven for all God’s creatures.

Do you have any doubt the unvaxx’d are the new “Jews”?: A Colorado-based health system says it is denying organ transplants to patients not vaccinated against the coronavirus in “almost all situations,”.  They denied a kidney transplant to a Colorado Springs woman because she was not vaccinated against the coronavirus. She was sent a letter that said the woman would be “inactivated” on a kidney transplant waiting list and had 30 days to start coronavirus vaccination. If she refused to be vaccinated, it said, she would be removed. Often, in transplant cases, 30 days means the difference between living and dying. The one line that really got to me was ; “UCHealth declined to discuss particular patients because of federal privacy laws.” Yeah, right.

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