“Big Wednesday” Motes

Wheeerrrre’s Johnny? : Last week, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and all the other far left “late night” TV hosts got together and did a special on climate change. The project was hyped by the TV networks and on social media, but it didn’t do too well in the ratings. Greg Gutfeld of FOX News, who hosts the only non-leftist late-night show, beat them all in the ratings. Again. Gutfeld’s show landed in the #1 spot with 1.89 million viewers. It’s easy to see why Greg is beating all the other late-night hosts. He is the only one offering a different point of view. Yes, I watch Guttfeld.

Murder hornets, killer bees, hold my  flute: An onslaught of fatal snakebite attacks is sweeping India and killing tens of thousands each year. The government’s response has been to ignore, trivialize, and cover up the crisis altogether. A 2020 study, which was based on verbal autopsies, suggests that on average, close to 58,000 Indian citizens die each year due to snakebites. In contrast, the country’s government reports that only 689 snake-related deaths had occurred in India that year. There are many reasons for India’s snakebite crisis, including a lack of first aid facilities, dependence on ‘spiritual healers’ or quacks, and an overwhelming population living near agricultural fields where snakes come to hunt rodents. Another factor is India’s reverence for snakes: Hindus consider Shiva, one of the principal deities of Hinduism, as being ‘the lord of the snakes.’ There are over 300 spicies of snakes but four very dangerous ones—the Indian cobra, the Common Krait, the Russell’s Viper and the Saw-scaled Viper—kill a large number of Indians each year. Watch where you step. Another example of the .gov not telling you something for your own good.

I hope it’s really hot where he is: Theoneste Bagosora, a former Rwandan army colonel regarded as the architect of the 1994 genocide in which more than 800,000 ethnic Tutsi and Hutus who tried to protect them were killed, died in a hospital in Mali on Saturday. Bagosora was serving a 35-year sentence after being found guilty of crimes against humanity by the then-International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Bagosora, 80, had been sentenced to life in 2008 but on appeal his sentence was reduced to 35 years in prison. No further comment.

Chicago weekend score card:  59 shot   8 dead

Speaking of firearms: The new Defense Spending Bill includes a “red flag” entry for service personnel. In other words, we’ll trust them with automatic weapons and explosives, but not with their private weapons. Huh?

I just found out my guardian angel drinks….a lot.

An unarmed society, is a helpless society: Australian officials on Monday again reminded their subjects that the nation’s “zero COVID” strategy has somehow given them the power to strip the people of their freedoms. Government leaders in the state of New South Wales — where the bureaucracy just a month ago announced that it was giving vaccinated citizens a “reward” of one extra hour outside their homes for recreation time — announced during a Monday press briefing that unvaccinated folks “will lose their freedoms” in October. It will get worse. And it will happen here.

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