Almost The Weekend

Just asking: How come Social Security and Medicare are running out of money. And Welfare isn’t?

Won’t do any good: On Jan 1, 22 Hawaii residents will be able to purchase and own “electric stun guns”. Before everyone gets all giddy, we need to put it in perspective. Stun guns are NOT tasers. Tasers use a power source to propel the electric contacts over several feet (yards), stick into the clothing of the target, and then deliver its capacitor increased voltage to the target. Tasers will not be allowed. Stun guns use the same “capacitor” system to increase voltage to the contacts mounted on the casing. The problem, you have to able to touch the target. That means you are within the reach of the bad guy. And they may NOT be carried in public.  I know from experience; they don’t always work. So, they passed another piece of legislation that looks good, and they can brag about caring for the people but doesn’t really change a thing.

It’s okay when we do it : Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) is calling on Democratic leaders to disregard a recent ruling by the Senate parliamentarian disallowing prominent immigration reforms.  The ruling by Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough, announced Sunday evening, marked a sharp setback to Biden’s first-year agenda. Omar, a member of the informal liberal group known as the “squad,” suggested Monday that the best way to respond to the ruling is simply to ignore it. Like they do any other ruling “they” don’t like.

Weekend MVP: A New Jersey police officer safely caught a one-month-old baby dropped off a second-floor balcony over the weekend, authorities said. Officer Eduardo Matute was among those called to the Jersey City residence Saturday morning after reports that a man was threatening the baby. Matute and several officers were positioned below the second-floor balcony as the child was dangled over the balcony railing. Officials said the man dropped the infant after a lengthy standoff, and Matute caught the child. Hooray. Great timing and catch. Right place, right time, right Officer.

Don’t just read the headline: Here’s the headline “Texas mother interrupts school board meeting to discuss anal sex.” What really happened was incensed local mother Kara Bell took to the lectern to read a racy excerpt from a book found on middle school shelves. Bell was aggrieved that a passage from the 2015 young adult novel “Out of Darkness” by Ashley Hope Pérez depicted “cornholing,” which she later found out was a euphemism for anal sex. The book is described as a fictional reimagining of the 1937 New London school explosion that killed more than 295 people “as a backdrop for a riveting novel about segregation, love, family, and the forces that destroy people.” The mother’s microphone was switched off, but it didn’t stop her making an impassioned plea for the books to be removed from the libraries of Hudson Bend Middle School and Bee Cave Middle School. Now, what any kind of sex has to do with a 1937 explosion is beyond me, but I agree with Mom. It has no place in a middle school. And don’t just read the headline.

Sitka is really becoming a part of the family and making himself right at home. He will be a good dog.

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