Mighty Motes For Mid-Week

This will work out well: It is reported that 46 states are slated to receive Afghani “refugees”. Las Vegas is welcoming(?) its first group. Am I the only one that sees this as a not so good place for illiterate, poor, Islamic “refugees? Isn’t Las Vegas the epitomy of western decadence? Booze, gambling, and loose women.

Personal Responsibility is key: Three Honolulu police officers are under criminal investigation ― suspected of causing and then fleeing the scene of a near-fatal crash early Sunday. Among those injured in the crash: 14-year old Dayten Gouveia. He is paralyzed and on a ventilator. Witnesses say the white Honda sedan was actually being chased by three HPD vehicles. At Orange Street, the witness said, one of the police vehicles clipped the sedan, sending it flying through the air. After the crash, the witness pulled over to help. He said the three HPD officers just kept driving. If this is what happened, the officers will have no “immunity” or official protection. And they shouldn’t.

Any new ideas: Well, not in Hollywierd. It’s been remake after remake, none of which really needed to be remade. Now it’s announced they plan to remake “The Bodyguard”. The original had Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. No info on who they plan to cast. Who cares?

Non Fornacatus Aclueistic*: CNN anchor Don Lemon said Wednesday that it was time to start “shaming” Trump supporters and anti-vaxxers. What’s he mean, “start”?  Lemon also spoke regarding Gen. Milley saying; “I think someone is even calling for him to be court-martialed or something. It’s just absolutely ridiculous.” To say Lemon is out of touch with reality is to state the obvious. 

Have some understanding: The deaf community has suffered a great deal during COVID restrictions as one of their main ways of understanding the world around them, lip-reading, has been taken away with mass masking. Read a recent story about a deaf woman having a problem with a clerk at a Dunkin’ Donuts refusing to pull her (the clerk) mask down so the customer could read her lips. To me, this would just be common courtesy. It appears that was too much to ask from the clerk. In fact, too much for even the “manager”. Both of them also refused to just write things down. And these are the people who want $15 an hour, but don’t want to work for it.  It would not have been good if I had been there. Do not allow the mask Nazis to treat Americans with disabilities like this in front of you.

Curiouser and curiouser : The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has suddenly instituted a 2 week flight “restriction” over the city of Del Rio for “special security reasons” — which grounded the drones used by Fox News to document the chaos. This was in response to a Fox news report which drone footage showed the image of over 10,000 (TEN THOUSAND) migrants under the bridge, where food and water remain scarce. Fox News national correspondent Bill Melguin called the timing and location of the TFR to be “a little bit curious,” as the outlet has been using drones at the border for the past seven months. Remember, “don’t embarrass the Administration.”

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite blue grass fans; Bill Murray is 71. Here’s hoping for many many more.

(* Make-believe Latin for No Fxxking Clue*)

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