Thursday Motes In The Hourglass

More like a scream than a whisper: LA new lawsuit alleges that a since-deceased pit bull belonging to Cesar Millan attacked and killed Queen Latifa’s pooch and the renowned “Dog Whisperer” covered it all up. A lawsuit, filed by a young gymnast who says she was attacked by the same dog, alleges Millan’s pit bull, Junior killed the rapper’s dog at a Santa Clarita dog-training facility. Instead of informing the star of the attack, Millan allegedly told his staff to tell Latifah that her dog had been hit by a car.  In 2015, a Florida nurse filed a lawsuit saying a pit bull trained by Millan attacked her. She allegedly was left with “disfiguring open wounds, deep muscle and tendon lacerations,” as well as bone fractures. So, this makes Millan appear to be the usual TV fraud.

Another CBS show I won’t be watching : CBS plans to launch “The Activist” to crown the world’s “best” sjw. It’s set to be a 5-week series produced by “Global Citizen”. Sorry, I’d rather watch puppy’s crap. I rather spend the day picking up puppy crap than watch this.

It ain’t Carnivale: More than 5,000 indigenous women have marched through Brazil’s capital to denounce the historic assault on native lands they say is unfolding under the country’s far-right president. Female representatives of more than 170 of Brazil’s 300-plus tribes have gathered in Brasília in recent days to oppose highly controversial attempts to strip back indigenous land rights and open their territories to mining operations and agribusiness.  Alessandra Korap, an activist from the Amazon’s Munduruku people, speaking spoke against a slew of political initiatives she said threatened indigenous lands and lives. Foremost among those threats is the “marco temporal” or “time frame” argument: a legal challenge to indigenous land rights that is being “considered” by the supreme court. Inch by inch the rainforest is being destroyed mostly with the Brazilian .gov backing. It’s ironic the women warriors of old were known as “Amazons”, now it is the women fight for the “Amazon”.

Not the “Mile High” club: A visitor to an Auckland, New Zealand, hospital ward allegedly had sex with a patient behind a curtain, according to a formal complaint filed by another patient who said he witnessed the incident. The witness said he saw the visitor go behind a curtain and that “it was pretty obvious what was happening in there.” Staggered, in his words, he reported the incident to hospital staff, who stepped in. Yeah, I gotta go with the complaint on this one. Hospitals are for having babies, not for making them.

Geez, everyone is talking about how great it is Tom Cruise does his own stunts. I’ve been doing my own stunts for years and nobody puts me in the papers.

Some things in California never change: Accusations of election fraud, for example. On Saturday, poll workers informed 88-year-old Republican voter Estelle Bender. that she had already cast her ballot. The problem was, she knew she hadn’t. When Bender gave a recall election poll worker her ballot information to scan, she told Bender the computer said she’d already voted. “I said, ‘no, I haven’t,’ and she said, ‘This has been happening all morning.’” As reporter Chris Wolfe noted, “these ballot issues can certainly leave voters feeling ‘extremely concerned, suspicious, and wanting answers’” But they also beg some questions: How many voters got frustrated and gave up voting altogether? How many of these incorrect ballots were already counted in the recall election? Why are these issues still occurring? Remember, there is/was no voter fraud in Calipornia. Just ask gov Newsome.

Good news for a change: The Dude is going to be OK. Jeff Bridges said his cancer is in remission and he’s ready to return to filming his new FX drama “The Old Man.” The “Big Lebowski” actor is 71,

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