Actual Tuesday Motes

Going too far: Australians in lockdown in New South Wales are having their alcohol deliveries monitored by the government’s NSW Health Agency, because science. Residents in apartment blocks locked-down by NSW Health are having their alcohol deliveries policed as part of a policy to limit the number of drinks being consumed each day,” NCA News Wire reported. Government “representatives” are rummaging through private mail deliveries, confiscating alcohol and telling Aussies they can only receive a ration of “six beers or pre-mixed drinks or one bottle of wine.” But that could never happen here. We have the Constitution, well, except for the parts that aren’t “absolute”. But otherwise, we’re protected. Sort of. Sometimes. Maybe.

Don’t watch, don’t care: Late-night “comedian” Jimmy Kimmel said hospitals should not extend medical care and assistance to people who are unvaccinated and tried to self-treat at home. Kimmel kicked off his first monologue since he came back from vacation by amplifying yet another corrupt corporate media narrative about COVID-19 and medications used to treat it, such as Ivermectin. These people, Kimmel said, are “dimwits.” Kimmel, of course, dropped out of UNLV after 1 year, once advocated for health care rights for all, and claims to be a “practicing Catholic”. The REAL dimwits, are the one’s wasting their time watching this pos (Kimmel).

They have no shame: Ashli Babbitt was a Trump supporter who was murdered during the Jan 6 protest.  Her murderer’s identity has been protected from the public for months before he has been given a pass for any wrongdoing. Now the liberal Democrats are sending her three different ballots in the California recall election. But there is no voter fraud.

It’s not my fault: Biden’s administration is blaming meat packers for the rising cost of meat amid the coronavirus pandemic and surging inflation rates. The administration is planning a crackdown on the four companies that control 55-85 percent of U.S. chicken, beef and pork production for alleged “price fixing” during the pandemic. Of course, the fact that Inflation in the U.S. has surged to a 3 decade high since Biden took office has nothing to do with anything. Oh, and “the administration” offered no evidence of the alleged “price fixing”. They never do.

Another dimwit heard from: Howard Stern had some blunt words for people who are refusing to get vaccinated to stop the spread of the coronavirus, “Go fuck yourself,” Hey Howie, right back at ya baby.

Huh? : It was reported that Fort Hood murder Nidal Hasan has been allowed to praise America’s enemies. Why is this pos allowed to send mail to ask his attorney to contact the Taliban and tell them “Congratulations on your victory over those who hate for the Laws of All-Mighty God to be supreme on the land,” Hasan said in the letter from August 18. “I pray to Allah that He helps you implement Shariah Law fully, correctly, and fairly.” This is an individual (not “a man”) who betrayed his oath and country. This is a murderer of 14 fellow soldiers in violent betrayal and has been sentenced to death for over 7 years. Why is he still wasting my air? Why is he still alive? Why? Why? Why?  Even the Qur’an condemns this kind of betrayal.

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