And The Motes March On By

Toe the party line, or else: Lt. Gen Michael Flynn, former President Trump’s first National Security Adviser, was notably set up by the FBI in an unauthorized ‘perjury trap’. After the FBI’s malfeasance was uncovered, the Justice Department dropped all charges against Flynn. Now, Chase Bank has canceled General Mike Flynn’s personal credit card, citing “possible reputational risk to our company.” So, guilt or innocence doesn’t mean anything, only the record of accusations.

“Education is political”. No, then it is indoctrination: The head of Los Angeles’ largest teacher’s union, Cecily Myart-Cruz, denied that lockdowns and remote learning during the pandemic harmed students. In an interview with Los Angeles Magazine, United Teachers Los Angeles President Myart-Cruz claimed, that while kids may not have mastered all of their multiplication tables, they did learn “survival” and “resilience.” ”They may not have learned all their times tables, but they know the words ‘insurrection’ and “coup’.” But what can you expect from a “union official”. I think I’d really rather my kid know how to read, write and think, and not blindly follow what you people believe is important. That is “education”.

Viet Nam again, and again, and again: An animal rights group released a statement Monday, condemning the government for allegedly delivering a “death sentence” to contract working dogs left in Afghanistan after a complete withdrawal of the U.S. troops. Hey, at least in Viet Nam we brought back all the people. Biden didn’t even do that. Gee, I don’t remember these groups complaining when we left all the K-9’s behind in VN.

Headline: “Long, Bloody, and Done: U.S.Ends Afghanastan – Last Plane Leaves Kabul”. Friend, if you think the blood is done, you are in for a huge surprise. It’s just getting started. Only now it will be here at home.

Has Honolulu gone full Nazi?: HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – The city’s new “Safe Access Oahu” program will go into effect Sept. 13, requiring customers of restaurants, bars, gyms and other establishments to present proof they are either fully vaccinated or have tested negative for COVID within the last 48 hours. The order covers: Restaurants and bars, Bowling alleys, Movie theaters, Museums, Indoor portions of zoos, aquariums or other attractions. The order will remain in place for at least 60 days, but could be extended. (Bold print mine). Well, I guess I won’t be going ANYWHERE after the 13th.

A true American ,Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller. Sir, I salute you, your courage, and your honor , which no man should question. I truly morn the loss of the Right to Challenge.

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