Motes For A Wednesday

And you thought Simon was a tough critic: An Afghan folk singer has been executed by the Taliban just days after the Islamic fundamentalist group declared that “music is forbidden in Islam”. Fawad Andarabi’s family said that he was shot dead Friday when enforcers returned to his home after earlier searching it and even drinking tea with him.  Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told reporters that the insurgents would “investigate” the incident. The Taliban has an Internal Affairs?

Say what??: A Russian sushi delivery chain, which has stores in 65 Russian cities, issued an apology on its social media accounts after posting an ad featuring a Black man. The restaurant’s owner said he was bombarded by death threats from the nationalist hate group Pozdnyakov, which describes itself as a movement promoting “traditional values” in Russia. The group has privously threatened Russian women with biracial children, LGBTQ and feminist activists, and other’s. Paging “Bigot-R-Us”, table for none. What do you want to bet “Poz” is nothing more than 5 or 10 adolescents with computers, hiding in Mama’s basement?

Snakes on a plane road: The Shawnee National Forest (Ill.) will close Forest Service Road No. 345, also known as Snake Road, due to several species of snakes and amphibians that migrate in the area. The 2.5-mile-long road closes the week of September 1 through October 30 to allow their migration from their summer habitat in the LaRue Swamp across the road to their winter habitat in the limestone bluffs. While the road is closed to vehicles, it is open to people traveling on foot. But walk at your own risk.

Don’t hold back: A mother saved her 5-year-old son from a mountain lion after it attacked the boy in the front yard of the family home in Calabasas, California. The child was taken to a local hospital, where he is in stable condition. It was reported that a 65-pound mountain lion left wounds on the child’s head, neck and upper torso on Thursday. The boy was rescued by his mother, who hit the animal multiple times. Wildlife officials said during an investigation at the scene of the attack, they came across an “aggressive” mountain lion who the warden believed was the big cat that injured the child. They fatally shot it and lab tests later confirmed it was the attacking mountain lion. Mom responded with clear unbridled aggression. She held nothing back and thus defeated a stronger more dangerous opponent.

Home grown gestapo: There have been multiple reports that the FBI is showing up on the doorsteps of Republican voters in order to hunt down “extremists.” The FBI has been helped by “sedition hunters,” or armchair detectives. Forrest Rogers, is a business consultant who helped form a group of sedition hunters called “Deep State Dogs”. “It’s seeking justice”, Rogers said. No Mr. Rogers, it’s called being a vigilante. It’s called snitching out your neighbor. I wonder how many people the “Deep State Dogs” have turned in, that have done nothing wrong. And since the fbi won’t tell you how or where they got the “information”, you will have no recourse. But you will have a federal arrest record, you’ll never get clean.

Sitka is becoming comfortable with his new home. He enjoys his tummy rubs, shares space with Issabeau and his people family.

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