Ohh, Shiny Tuesday Motes

Like they needed another reason: The Chicago police department’s officers have more than one reason to turn their backs on Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the wokester freaks running that crime-plagued city. First Deputy Police Supt. Eric Carter infuriated officers gathered Saturday night at the Cook County medical examiner’s office to give their slain colleague, Ella French, a final send-off.  A very fine fallen police officer, a new mother, an officer who had just saved a baby wounded by gunfire, a 29-year-old woman gunned down in the prime of life? Ignoring a sacred ritual, Carter impatiently declared: “We don’t have 20 minutes for this s—.” Did I just hear the word “s—” used in conjunction with honoring a fallen police officer? And this sorry substitute for a “man” has a high position of authority in the Chicago Police Department. Boy, am I glad I’m not in Chicago.

Just sayin’: (governor) Ige: “Federal Eviction Freeze Applies To All Major Hawaii Counties.” (Geez, I didn’t know we had any “minor” counties.) He has also decreed: “Social gatherings will be limited to no more than 10 indoors, 25 outdoors. Patrons in restaurants, bars, establishments must remain seated with parties maintaining six feet of distance. No mingling, and masks must be worn unless actively eating.” (Seems to me most people go to bars to socialize. Once again this is not about health or safety, it’s about power.)

When you hurry, things happen:  Earlier this year, UH contracted with RMY Construction and Fukunaga and Associates to handle the T.C. Ching Field renovations. RMY subcontracts with a company called InProduction, which provides risers and bleachers for sporting events, to set up the new risers. InProduction also subcontracted installation work to RÖDER, a German company that specializes in setting up event spaces. The construction worker who died July 30 worked for RÖDER and was a British national. Harry Evans, 30, was part of a crew from the U.K. and died after being pinned by thousands of pounds of equipment. Everyone keeps talking about the “short notice” and the short time element for the work. But they had enough time to find a work crew from the U.K., and get them to Hawaii, during the pandemic. What, nobody in Hawaii can do the renovation? Oh, a quick check shows RODER does not maintain a Hawaii office.

Animal Mafia: Criminal Organization:  a category of transnational, national, or local groupings of highly centralized enterprises run by criminals to engage in illegal activity, most commonly for profit. Some criminal organizations, such as terrorist groups, are politically motivated.” Recent articles have convinced me PETA is nothing more than an ongoing criminal organization. There are just too many examples of PETA destroying private citizens, vets, and animal owners for the benefit of PETA, not of the animal.

This is hate speech: One of the many things currently bothering me is the vilification of any one choosing to exercise their right of personal choice. Example? Read this description: “many attendees of the days-long death march here are unvaccinated people who, in addition to often refusing masks, are rejecting the best tool there is to curb the raging pandemic.” OMG, are they terrorists? Plague carriers? Nope, just a bunch of “black leather and denim clad” motorcyclists at the Sturgis S.D. rally. Speaking pof the unvaccinated, Don Lemon says “I think that you need to tell people that their behavior is idiotic and nonsensical.” Charles Barkley says unvaccinated are “assholes”. But nobody calls their words hate speech. I will. If you slander or vilify someone because they choose to not take and experimental vaccine, you’re the ass hate speaker. And who TF is this clown?  Lars McMurtry:  Lars McMurtry is following the science. On his Dingdong page he says: “The CDC should roll out a new program: Get the shot or get shot. The unvaccinated need to be rounded up and lined up in front of open trenches, Their choice is simple. America has had enough of their virus. We need to get back to normal life. With or without them.” So, he is saying the people who choose to not be vaccinated should be executed. And dumped in a ditch. Yes, that is exactly what he is saying. Isn’t this hate speech? Isn’t he advocating the death of a specific group of people? I can’t find anything on this azzwipe so who does he think he is? I really morn the loss of the “Right to Challenge”. Guys like this need to be reminded their words could bring consequences. Severe consequences.

Headline I didn’t need: “Please Stop Putting Apple Cider Vinegar On Your Penis”….. Okay.

Weekend play list included Kenny Chesney, Dolly Parton, Jim Reeves, The Mama’s and The Papa’s, and just a little Warren Zevon to keep the blood pumping. Then Saturday I read the sad news Nancy Griffith has passed. “Love at the five and dime” has been one of my all time favorites. I put on the Nancy Griffith cd, and when that song came on, I danced with my wife. Just ’cause. Her “folkabilly” writing, her angelic voice, and her talent will be sorely missed.

I said I had some news about this weekend. This is Sitka. He is Malamute and Husky. He is between 3 ½ and 5 years old. He has abused, starved, and then abandoned. He had been left behind for 2 to 4 weeks when he was rescued by Alohailia Dog Rescue in Hilo. He spent a bit under 2 weeks in foster when Julie and I offered him forever home. He and Issabeau are already bff’s. He will need training and lots of love. Which he will get.

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